December 30, 2015

On the Eve of This New Year, We Exhale. {Poem}

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We Exhale

With hands on our hearts
Feeling the subtle fall
Under the heat of open palms
Minds and lungs acknowledging
All that we release

Lowering our chins
As we honor the sorrows
And acknowledge the exhilaration
For all of our past grief
And all that teaches us
To experience joy in any moment

We bow to each other
Through bowing to ourselves
Feeling the gratitude of a dozen souls
For that which was illuminated
That which was transformed
In these past dozen months

Reverence for the darkness
And an acknowledging for those
Whose light gently guided us
Back to loving ourselves
When all felt hopeless
And all felt lost

Remembering the smiles
As they shown themselves
In the innocent eyes of our children
Through wet tears
Those children who taught us
To both see and let go

Falling and rising
We listened to the whispers
And we spoke with our hearts
As our white-knuckled fists of rage
Slowly, have begun to relax
Opening now, to both give and receive.



We inhale

To prepare for it all
Filling our hearts to guide us forward
Flowing over this threshold
Finding ease with our breath
And a fire in our spirits
For all that is new

Minding still the echoes
From our collective voice
Our bleeding hearts now healing
Remembering those souls
Whose energy still resonates
Now, from only pure love and white light.

We turn from all that was
Toward the silver platter
Of golden opportunities
Looking up and opening our eyes
To effortlessly see
The new beauty being born

A constant renewing
Of time and space
Our breath will ebb and flow
Along with the oceans between us
Fueling vulnerable hearts
To open to it all

We will witness the resurfacing
Of the sparkle in the eyes
Of our most wounded
Like the sun finding it’s way back
From behind the clouds
To glisten on cool waters

Around this sun of ours
On a new revolution we embark
Allowing our inner lights to guide
Curiously, we look only forward
To the gentle unfolding of that
Which patiently awaits.

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Author: Katie Vessel

Editor: Renée Picard

Image: Take Back Your Health Conference at Flickr 


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