December 4, 2015

Rebirth in the Moonlight.


It was getting late as she slipped out of the once pristine white dress she had been wearing.

The dress had become tattered and was stained dark with the truth of her life.

She slipped it off without hesitation as though she were shedding a cocoon, a cocoon worn uncomfortably for entirely too many moons. She was trading in her tired weathered skin. Skin that for so long had belonged to her but no longer felt like the comfort of home.

She stepped into the light of a full moon that glowed high up in the sky like a darkened noon.

A chilling breeze moved through her, caressing her voluptuous naked body to the core, leaking into the very marrow of her bones.

She glanced down and noticed her heart aglow. A light kindled from within that glowed without, leaving a trail of starlike dust that spread like ivy on her velvety moon kissed skin. Her inner light was burning there, a flame that danced blue and gold, like a candle spilling wax into the shadows of the night. A beckoning light to behold.

She bathed in the moonlight for a long while.

The moon highlighting her scars and broken pieces left behind by the years before. The breeze played with her long dark  hair. Her skin bare, showcased the beauty and tragedy of her life.

She inhaled and she exhaled deeply. Something that had been long buried within her was changing, transforming. She felt as though she was overcoming death. This shedding-of-skin, this “death,” her awakening.

In the light of the moon, she had quietly been reborn. She placed her hand over her beating heart. In those tender moments she let go of everything that for so long had tormented her. She finally felt peace in her once troubled heart.

Although her transformation was not yet complete, she found solace in the fact that she had finally found her wings.

She had found her freedom in the darkness of night in the presence of the silvery moon. She vowed never to return to the past that had once haunted her and to give her heart more room. Room to grow and embrace her wildness, for she was always meant to be one of the ones who would break free. She was never one to be woven into something so tightly.

With her newfound wings, and the gift of new sight, she flew away.

A dark feathered angel born of moonlight.


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Author: Annie R. Towns

Apprentice Editor: Sara Kärpänen ; Editor: Travis May

Image: Flickr/Andrea Parrish Geyer

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