December 18, 2015

The Girl Whose Light Always Shines. {A Fable}

Vinoth Chandar/Flickr

Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Illumine.

She lived in the woodlands with her parents and was known by the villagers for being a wild and wonderful free spirit who danced with the fairy folk. One blue eye, one green, white porcelain skin, blush pink cheeks and blood red lips.

She had long flowing rainbow hair that she rarely brushed and she never wore shoes, because she loved how the earth felt beneath her feet, and how the grass tickled between her toes.

She had a very special gift—of which she wasn’t yet aware.

Illumine’s heart was warm and she loved easily, which attracted both people and animals alike. Her mind was filled with many curiosities and wonderings as she continually questioned the world in which she lived. She couldn’t understand the anger and the sadness of the world, which is why she preferred to spend time in the forest with the fairy folk.

Her soul seemed old and of another time, because she had a sense of knowing that guided her through life.

She had a very special gift—of which she wasn’t yet aware.

Illumine’s favourite place to be was outdoors in nature, where the trees grew tall and the waters ran free. She paddled and swam in the streams with the fishes under the night sky, watching the twinkling stars, and she fell in love with the moon.

She danced in the wide open meadows as the rains fell from the sky, watching the sun shine through the clouds, and she fell in love with the rainbows.

She stood on the mountaintops feeling the wind blowing her wild hair, watching the birds take flight, and she fell in love with their wings.

She screamed with each roar of thunder, watching how the lightning bolts lit up the skies, and she fell in love with the heavens.

She had a very special gift—of which she wasn’t yet aware.

Something changed when she turned 13 years old.

She became aware of the darkness, which seemed to follow her. Colour began to drain from her hair, she lost the sparkle in her eyes and her mood became gloomy. Shadows lurked in the corners of her mind, causing her to lose all sense of reality.

Her body soon became infected with the darkness, and life began to slowly drain from her.

Illumine spoke about how her heart ached with an overwhelming sense of sadness, as if she carried the grief of the world in her heart. She said the fairies had told her that it was her time to show the world why she was here and that she need not be afraid.

She had a very special gift—of which she wasn’t yet aware. 

Family, friends and fairies surrounded her, each shining a light onto the darkness that was taking her away from this world. Love filled the room as lights shone brighter and brighter around her.

She smiled and took her last breath—then something magical happened. Her spirit levitated from the bed and she became the light. The entire room was filled with a warm glow that drifted down onto each and every person, making everyone’s light shine even brighter.

She had a very special gift—that she gave us.

Illumine’s message was that of love and light. She showed us that we are more than the body we inhabit, that our energy continues to live on in each and every one of us.

She showed us that the darkness was the sadness and anger of the world and that it can be healed by our love and light.

She reminded us that her energy forever lives on in the stars that sparkle, the moon that glows, the fish that swim, the rains that fall, the rainbows that shine, the wind that blows, the birds that fly, the thunder that roars and the lightening that flashes.

Share your love and light with the world and connect with the energies of nature.


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Author: Tracey Marie Fletcher

Volunteer Editor: Kim Haas / Editor: Toby Israel

Image: Vinoth Chandar/Flickr


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