February 22, 2016

Bringing Forth the Goddess Within.


Have you ever met a goddess?

I have. I have met many. And each one is unique and different. You can spot her a mile away. It’s the light in her eye and the spring in her step. It’s the way her hair bounces and sways as she glides down her own path. Her smile radiates and her light shines brightly. That is not to say she is not dealing with a personal struggle. She is. We all are. But, there is a calmness to her. An inner, intuitive knowing she is going to be just fine regardless of her circumstances.

All women are goddesses. We are creative forces which bring love and light to everything we touch. Anything from decorating our homes, powering through a business meeting, standing in line at the bank or breastfeeding our child. We are the creators of the universe and we give birth literally and metaphorically.

Many women are so caught up in what they “think” a goddess is it is easy to lose sight of the goddess within. We’re looking for someone to show us how to lead the way and look to other goddesses in search of the blueprint. I’ve got news for you: It’s not something you learn. It is something that is your birthright. You do not become a goddess, you were already born one. You are royalty. You are a gift to this universe and you possess gifts which come naturally.

Tapping into her and yanking her from the landfill of all you’ve been conditioned to believe and/or repress shouldn’t be a chore. In fact, it should be a delightful journey of self discovery which will open you up and be a source of guidance. You will hear her calling to you and calming you if you listen. She is not a separate entity within you; she is you, and she is your most cherished friend.

It’s very simple to bring forth the goddess in each of us. We simply peel off the mask, and shake off the costume and expose her. She is your authentic self, and here’s how you release her from the darkness.

1. Always be Authentic.

We all wear different hats at different times. We have the relationship hat, the mommy hat, the business hat, even the daughter hat. Yet, the hat should not change the person who is wearing it. She should remain the same person, just one in a different role. Never shift your true core personality to accommodate a situation so it’s easier. The more you conform, the less authentic you become and the more you lose your power. You also lose your voice.

2. Speak Your Truth

Never, and I mean never, underestimate the power of your own voice. It’s important to speak your truth. You need not be loud to be heard. But you must be confident in what you say and do. You must mean it. Many goddesses shrink back into the earth when their voice is silenced for it creates doubt in their own capabilities and even their esteem. Speaking is your greatest form of expression, and one that should be heard. It is your essence and it is your vehicle to being seen as well. Your words are power. Use them wisely.

3. Embrace Your Uniqueness

Many women don’t. We compare ourselves to other women and in the interim we are essentially putting ourselves down wishing we were someone else. You are valuable where you stand and with who you are. I’m sure there are women out there struggling to emulate something you endow. When you compare yourself to another you are telling your spirit it’s not enough, and that is losing power as well. Your quirks, mannerisms, expressions, etc., are all traits that were bestowed to you with purpose. They are what make you different and interesting. Embrace them, for it is your own inner light shining through the mask.

4. Be a Sister to Other Sisters 

Don’t compete with other women. Instead, foster relationships, build a tribe that will empower you and whom you, too, can empower. Be a source of inspiration and support when other goddesses need it, and raise them up when they stumble. Building a strong foundation with other women brings back to you more goddess energy which can transform and heal self doubt and confusion in yourself.

5. Know Your Worth

Do not underestimate the impact you have on another person. That smile you gave an old woman in the grocery store, or the help you lent to an exhausted mother of three at the gas station, shifts energy. It brings comfort in someone else’s day, and they will be thankful, whether they express this or not. The nights you stayed on the phone while your friend sobbed over a broken relationship and the hugs you gave a scared child in the park can mean the world to another. I’m sure there are countless times in the day where you gave someone something they needed without even knowing it. Know your value and your worth.

6. Learn to Say No.

There is nothing worse than saying yes when you really want to say no. It can cause massive anxiety and resentment. It isn’t healthy to agree to things you do not want to do, and this is where we get lost with helping someone and trying to please someone. We say yes to things we don’t want to do out of fear we won’t be liked, or we aren’t helping someone. That is not the case. You must say no if you are truly not wanting to do it. Would you want someone agreeing to do something for you when you knew it was a burden for them? Of course not. Saying no gives you power and keeps you from over-extending yourself.

In closing understand it’s not only your actions that speak volumes, but your words and thoughts as well. Tapping into the goddess within means coming from a place of the divine energy we not only permeate into the world around us, but also absorb. Be a life force of positivity and optimism. Make your little corner of the world a bit brighter, and lighter. The more you engage in these small things the more your goddess energy becomes more prominent and unearths the goddess within.





Author: Lisa Moran

Editor: Travis May

Photo: Darla Hueske/ Flickr

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