February 20, 2016

Panties. {Adult Poem}

 panties legs sexy woman

He loved the word.

Just the word was enough.

He couldn’t help it—

Hearing her say it aloud,

Even when innocently done,

Turned him on.


He didn’t need to see the lace,

Brush his fingers against the satin

Or gently tug at them.

The sweetness he associated with it

Did the trick every time.


Before he even knew it

He would be quietly groaning

And his jeans would be straining,

As his mind’s eye conjured up the details.


This time wasn’t innocent though,

She knew what she was doing

When she let it slip past her lips.


Say it again, he said.

I like to hear you say it

In your husky voice.

Panties, she replied,

Slowly and deliberately.


Say it again,

Say it breathily this time.

Panties, she obliged.


Say it again,

Whisper it in my ear.

She leaned in.

I’m not wearing any…



And with her eyes locked upon his

She slowly lead the way

To her den of bliss.



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Author: Hilda Carroll

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Flickr/Helga Weber

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