February 23, 2016

The Universe Is Calling: How To Create Space To Listen.

Callie Maggiori

The universe told me to quit my job.

I didn’t know I was going to quit my job that day.

I stayed home from work again, I can’t remember the excuse only the overwhelming feeling to be anywhere else. My coworker texted me she hoped I was out enjoying nature. I wasn’t. I was sitting in my pajamas, crying, because I feared my situation along with my angry inbox.

As my internal noise guilted me, I thought, I should be in nature. I lived right across from the park so that’s where I headed. I needed an answer, desperately. I needed the space to be with myself in a time of confusion.

I sat there at the base of a beautiful redwood tree in Golden Gate park and I asked the earth, the sky and the forest what I should do with my life. I sat in that uncomfortable space and waited for an answer to come through not knowing if any would follow.

It’s easier to fill empty spaces of our lives with so many distractions until we complain about never having enough time. It’s easy to create space in our lives only to fill it immediately. I could no longer fill up on meaningless distractions, I asked for a clear direction.

That sacred space closed the door on distractions and opened the door of guided directives. The universe has ideas for our lives far more interesting than our own, although, it’s not always what we want to hear.

The thought “go to Panama” moved across my mind. I hated that idea. That’s where my fiancé was living and we’d been surviving our long distance relationship for years. But that wasn’t the plan, he was coming here and I didn’t want to go, I loved my San Francisco community.

Wasn’t there any other answer? Please, universe? I asked again.

The message become clearer for me to leave everything and go to Panama. Damn, I thought, and this was the day I decided to quit my job to move to Central America.

When we sit in silence, face our lives, ask deeper and hear our souls directive, we create space for answers.

If you have a nagging curiosity, one about travel, new opportunity or deep romance, explore that and have the courage to take action. Surrender the hows, excuses and distractions because magic happens when we expand into uncomfortable crevices but we must first, give ourselves the space:

Space for listening.

Space to breath deep.

Space to actualize our desires

Space to dwell in possibility.

Space to ask deeper.

Moving to Central America was a path I never would’ve taken at the time but it turned out to be my soul path. I opened up to another spiritual lesson, while stumbling, but now knowing which direction my feet will be walking from now on.

When we’re starting down a new path the voices begin whispering there’s no space for our work, it’s been done, give up and that we’re not worthy enough to lead or to heal. Just remember that we live in an infinite universe filled with endless possibilities.

We often don’t create space for ourselves because we’re afraid of what we might discover. Afraid to create space to sit in silence with our own anxieties, fears and appointed mediocracy. Afraid we might not like ourselves or what’s really going on in our lives and in our hearts.

Our fears can distract us from what we intuitively feel is our soul path, our work and our purpose. The anxious noise fills spaces in our heads reminding us we won’t make it, who are we to lead and there’s no space for us or our dreams, so stay small.

We ignore our intuition and become so paralyzed by fear that we don’t know what our soul path is, but we can feel it. As our internal noise gets louder we choose to stay where we are, at our desk jobs and in safe corners.

There is work, soul mates, communities and beaches for us. There is space at the table for all of us to live abundantly. There is space for all of us to create the lives of our dreams. There is space for us, vast, infinite, space.

Author: Callie Maggiori

Editor: Sara Kärpänen

Image: Author’s own

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