February 11, 2016

Would You Run Away with Me? {Poem}


I wonder if you’d run away with me.

If even though this won’t be forever,

it could be okay for right now.

If it could be better than okay.

If maybe we could—just for a day, a night—

find our way to that flicker of happy.

That feeling of content.

That flutter in my chest when your slanted

smile makes breathing a daunting task.

Not back, but forward

to memories we haven’t yet made.

If we could find what could’ve been.

What almost was.

If we could find us.

Again but different, maybe more.

I wonder where we would go.

If there’s a corner of the world where

this could be everything we hoped for.

If I could spin in three circles and point to

a spot on the globe

and answer all the unanswered questions.

If somewhere far away or maybe closer than we think,

our love is waiting for us to find it.

Like a game of hide and seek.

Maybe we’re just a matter of location.

Of timing.

Of all the elements lining up in a precise pattern,

like a treasure map that doesn’t make sense

till you’re holding what you want

firmly in your grasp.

I keep searching for it.

For all we had and didn’t have.

And when everything in me feels heavy,

that is what I imagine:

You and Me.




Author: Nicole Cameron

Image: SebastianPichler/Unsplash

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