March 7, 2016

3 Reasons to Start Meditation Now.

Ian Burt

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” ~ C. G. Jung


A few days ago, my beauty specialist asked me a very difficult question: “Can you please explain to me, what exactly are you getting out of your meditation practice?”

I had a mind-block for a few minutes, because I couldn’t find the right words to explain it in a couple of sentences. Nevertheless, it was a good thing to discuss and acheive some clarity about my practice.

Ever since my first “real” meditation practice, I have been practicing meditation on a daily basis—in the morning and before going to sleep. (Okay, not every single day and not even one hour each, but I do try my best).

So since I started to practice—and especially since I opened my mind to the unknown—wisdom keeps on flowing from a higher source down to me. I can’t explain it well, because my language is very limited when it comes to subtle sensations, feelings or the understanding of the being itself.

But what do I know is that meditation is an individual experience. That is, it’s different—for everybody.

We get the wisdom and the answers, because we are activating our own unlimited resources and only our own bodies and our own minds can tell us what is actually good for us—nobody else can.

How stupid is it to look for answers, which you need, outside of yourself? It’s the same as if you wanted to buy new Adidas sneakers, but looked for them outside of the Adidas shop, just before the entrance. Friend, they are not there! But, if you go inside, there they are in all sizes and colors.

Similarly, the answers for your questions inside of yourself. But we have been taught the opposite, and that’s why we are often looking for approval outside.

Through meditation, I keep learning a lot about the universe and about myself. I know that with all the outside influences it is not easy to apply the wisdom in life all the time. But peu à peu, we can react more wisely in many situations in which our own barriers attempt to keep us from a fulfilled life. Those reactions lead us to some unbelievable new, much higher quality of life—one where we don’t feel angry, jealous, sad, super-excited or down for too long. Of course, we do still experience jealousy, anger and love—but there is a new way of experiencing them. Meditation leads us to this “right way.”

Through meditation, we learn how to keep balance in our moods—or at least to be aware, that whichever “special mood” exists now, it will pass away. (So don’t freak out!)

But if you still freak out, that’s okay too. Through meditation, we become aware of our own micro-universe. We become aware that the most enjoyable lifestyle is to simply accept what is as it is.

Meditation gives me the the understanding of myself as a humane, imperfectly-perfect being. Meditation showed me the path to acceptance. Meditation showed me my own inner beauty, my unlimited resources, my unlimited mind and the possibilities.

Someone who is meditates or who is “on the path,” knows how valuable alone-time, meditation and reflection is. It’s fascinating  how fast we can improve your “circumstances” when we start seeing things as they are.

It is still difficult to put the experience in words—that is why I want to invite you to try meditation and see if it may be a good fit for you.

In meditation, there is so much wisdom and love. Buddha saw it. Osho saw it. Kyle Cease saw it.

I’ve seen it, and I feel confident that you will see it–-just give it a try.

Begin, and keep on going with a meditation practice, even if it feels like it’s senseless. There are plenty of different reasons to meditate and benefits to be received—but these three reasons are undeniable for everybody:

1.You’ll start to get to know the most important person in the world—yourself.

2. You’ll start a very romantic and patient relationship with the most beautiful person in the world—yourself.

3.You’ll start to notice what feels “bad” and can walk away from it, because you respect yourself too much, to hold on to any unhealthy habits.


Author: Olga Chirkova

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Flickr/Ian Burt

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