March 18, 2016

Glastonbury: A Place of Peace and Power.

glastonburyGlastonbury, also known as Avalon, is a sacred and spiritual site enriched by mysticism, filled with legend and believed by many to be a major center of spiritual energy.

Glastonbury is said to be home to the Goddess Isis.

Regardless of the multiple stories surrounding the town, many are attracted to Glastonbury’s peaceful vibes and make the pilgrimage from all over the world.

For those seeking spiritual connection, Glastonbury certainly provides. It’s home to hundreds of healers and alternative therapists and hosts an eclectic mix of esoteric shops, ancient historical sites and curiosities.

Glastonbury town itself is fairly small and easily navigable. At first glance, the high street looks like that of a regular English town, yet on closer inspection there are dozens of New Age and spiritual shops selling books on everything from Pleiadians to Wicca, shops bursting full with giant crystals, shamanic instruments and fairy costumes. There’s even a ‘Goddess Temple’ in the middle of the town, open for visitors to come and worship the goddess Isis.  The goddess theme is prevalent through the town, as it is apparently home to a strong divine feminine energy that promotes deep connection.

Always curious and seeking healing, I wanted to take advantage of the high concentration of healers and therapists that reside in Glastonbury (it is easy to find anything from chakra therapy to shamanic breathwork, yoga, craniosacral therapy, angelic guidance to spiritual counselling).

After a healing Reiki appointment with a healer called Joseph, he had told me about the many events that happen in Glastonbury most nights—soul gatherings and circles, sunrise yoga, Rumi poetry recital evenings and outdoor concerts in the old Abbey grounds.

That evening, there happened to be a candlelit sound healing ceremony taking place in the Church of St. Mary, which he invited me to. We entered the crypt which was filled with flickering candles, two huge gongs, Tibetan singing bowls and crystal bowls. A small group of us gathered in to the room as we were welcomed by the couple running the ceremony, wrapped ourselves in big fluffy blankets and closed our eyes.

The sounds began to fill the room, becoming deeper and more intense as the frequencies harmonised.  After an hour and a half, the sounds came to a gentle end and there was a tangible feeling of intense calmness in the air. No one wanted to leave the pure space that had been created and as we all sat around sleepily, the man running the ceremony started playing an impromptu round of David Bowie songs on his guitar. Everyone started joining in as we all laughed and smiled in a common unity, sharing this beautiful, truly special experience.

The backdrop to Glastonbury’s plethora of alternative therapies and experiences are holy, sacred and historic sites such as Glastonbury Tor, Chalice Well and the Abbey. All are shrouded in legend and ancient wisdom, offering a powerful sense of harmony to all who visit.

I headed to the Chalice Well, a secluded sanctuary of tranquil gardens and reportedly healing waters. According to legend, visitors have gathered there for over two thousand years to find peace, inspiration and contemplation. Whilst slightly skeptical that a garden could provide such deep healing, after my visit, I was left with no doubt of the potency of this place. It is custom to drink the water that flows from the Lion’s Head Fountain and meditate amongst the flowers, whilst soaking up the healing vibes. I left feeling connected, calmer and more present.

Glastonbury Tor, meanwhile, is a huge hill with a tower on top where visitors can take in a panoramic view of the countryside. It is famous for its spiritual significance. No ordinary hill, it has been called everything from a magic mountain, a faeries’ glass hill, a spiral castle, a magnetic power-point, a centre for Goddess fertility rituals and even a converging point for UFOs. To many, it is a place of extreme personal significance, with stories of deep shifts and moments of clarity being experienced upon climbing it.

There’s no doubt that Glastonbury is a uniquely beautiful and tranquil place to spend some time reflecting and relaxing in. People from all walks of life are drawn to this small town, a welcoming place in which anything goes. It was so interesting to be immersed in such a special place that revolves around ancient wisdom, natural beauty, spirituality, healing and folklore.

Why not pay a visit and see what Glastonbury has in store?


Author:  Helen Morris

Apprentice Editor: Leah Wallin / Editor: Caitlin Oriel

Image: Judy Dean/Flickr

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