March 10, 2016

Heated. {Poem}

Unsplash/Azrul Aziz

**Author’s note: To me, this captivates the essence of when you know you have felt lust for someone, and your awaiting the passion to pour itself out in the right moment, in the given time. This envelopes the feeling between two lovers who are so deeply wounded by life, but when they have tasted that moment in each other’s presence, something comes alive.


By the spontaneity of the moment

That I so seemingly get entwined in
Time and again.
As you stand there decomposed
I look at you,
You look at me—
Our eyes lock,
And my heart feels.
It feels the intense rush
Of my innermost desire to hold onto this moment.
It fuels a spark in me that never existed,
And I find myself vulnerable to your love.
I can affix my gaze and become weak in your presence,
So I lean in
Get close—
And I can feel your delicate breath
Connect to the rhythmic flutter
Of my palpitating heart.
Words unsaid—
You can feel the yearning I have for you,
My intense vulnerability that once had been so guarded,
Has now unleashed itself.
And in trust,
You can feel me in a new light—
A light that was held back
From what once was a single spark
And is now a flame.
For you to see.

I close my eyes and moments later,
They open—
I see you.
And as we stand there
You begin to unfold
Your layers unravel
In all its brilliance
In tender observation.
Your vulnerability awakens
Your emotionless heart
Begins to feel
As it welcomes itself to an unknown territory.
Words unsaid
Are now created
As you look at me
I look at you
In the moment.


Author: Ella Langer

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Unsplash/Azrul Aziz

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