March 15, 2016

How it Feels to Give Up our Personal Power. {Poetry}

Holding Candle

I arrived at a point in my life when I realized I had been giving away my personal power.

For me, losing my personal power to my romantic partner—who exercised control over me—made me feel helpless and disoriented in the relationship.

As women, living in a society where we are heavily influenced by the power of the masculine, we can easily get swept under the rug of feeling lost, helpless and powerless in our relationships with the opposite sex.

It so simply envelops us. It makes us timid, and makes us shy away from who we truly are.

Soon enough, it can consume us, and we begin living in fear instead of living in love. We then realize that our brilliant feminine power has been lost to that of the masculine.

I ask myself time and again: What is my personal power and how do I own it? How do I give it away?

This is the essence of knowing who are you deep within.

This poem expresses the experience we have when we feel we have truly given our “cape” of power to someone who abuses it.

We must come to the realization that only once we own up to our true selves, and identify our power within, that things can change.



Your piecing gaze

Stabs me in my vulnerable eyes.

Your words are unheard
Yet your demeanor is provoking

Demanding an explanation.
Holding Assumptions
Of dishonesty, untrustworthy, disloyal
Reckless behavior.

As your fixing stare assures me
Who holds ownership.
I stand before you.

I can see through your fierceness that your power
Has faded.

Keeping distance.

You cross your unguarded arms and clench your fists tight
To reassure yourself of your power.

You demand me to come forth.
Come clean.
In the presence of the moment.

My once-upon-a-time weak heart
Turns fiercely strong

You see
A new me.
A me you don’t recognize.

And I see,
Your cape falling off.
As it gently comes apart.

It has now retaken its place.

It no longer occupies this soft broken soul.

So damaged.

Possessed by your chains
Choked by your words
Captivated by your demands
Aching for relief
Craving to feel again and to stand up on my own two feet.

For the feet I have stood on,
All those years
We’re not my steps.

They have wandered with you
But soulfully alone.
They have been tied in your possession.

As I dare to glance at you,
Your demeanor is caving in
Seeking no explanation
In your vulnerable composure.

It’s now clearly visible.

My fiery eyes can see


Have come undone.


Relephant Link: 

How we Give our Power Away & Ways to Reclaim It.

Author: Ella Langer

Apprentice Editor: Rachel Leber / Editor: Catherine Monkman

Image: Courtney Carmody/Flickr

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