March 1, 2016

I am One. {Poem}


I’ve always admired go-getters.

The ones who grab life by the balls and do what they want to do, regardless of who’s watching. They do things for themselves without giving a second thought to the opinions of others.

I set out on a quest to become more confident. To do that, I knew I had to get out of my comfort zone—even if I crawled instead of walked.

I’ve traveled alone before, but only to a nearby state for the weekend—right on the brink of my comfort zone.

This trip—this one was for me. New Orleans it was.

“Just one,” I say, as the hostess asks how many in my party.

Just one—just me. Nothing bad about that. It’s exhilarating, being on your own in a new city.

There’s something empowering about figuring things out on your own.


Making your own mistakes,
Discovering nooks—

Getting into sticky situations
And maneuvering your way out.

It’s you who’s strutting down the block,
The one calling the shots.
Being in control is liberating.

I feel my comfort zone slowly fading away.

“Who are you with?” a woman on the Swamp Tour asks.

“Myself,” I answer.

“Nobody wanted to travel with you?”

“I actually wanted to travel alone.”

She marvels at this as if I’ve said something truly horrifying.

I get the same reaction when I tell some of my coworkers about this trip.

“I can’t even have dinner by myself—I don’t know how you’re traveling to a different city alone.”

“Well,” I respond, “Life’s journey is about figuring out yourself and your limits.”

You learn to depend on yourself,
To appreciate the graciousness of others,
But not to expect anything.
You put yourself out there,

Enough to shatter your comfort zone,
Speak to others whom you normally wouldn’t,
Lay yourself on the line for the sake of
Creating new relationships
With like-minded travelers.

Sometimes it flourishes,
Sometimes it crashes.

It’s the risk of a traveler—to create friendships.
Or to play it safe.

You learn to do things for yourself.

Things which truly make you happy,
Things to impress yourself and nobody else.

Because you deserve to be impressed.

I learn more about myself with every experience.
I grow—and I vow to never stop learning.

I tell her,
I am not “just” one.
I am one.
I am enough.
And so are you.


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Author: Genna Goldsobel

Apprentice Editor: Pavita Singh/Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Author’s own.

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