March 15, 2016

Pump & Dump Trump.

donald trump

I watched the television, staring in disbelief.

The channel was CNN, yet I wasn’t sure it was a commercial, or if my dachshund had stepped on the remote switching the channel to the home shopping network.

There he stood.

Donald Trump.

He was noting the sale statistics for Trump steaks, magazines, and Trump vodka. I wondered when the number to call would flash across the bottom of the television screen, telling me to buy it now. Would there be a special offer to sign up for a one time deal?

In that moment, I lost hope in the American political system.

Have we no pride as a country to allow a man to ramble on about his marketplace success?

A man running for the leader of our country should show leadership, offer solutions to the serious problems this country faces, and yet Trump stands trying to sell us a bottle of his vodka.

What, to wash our sorrows away?

Mr. Trump’s rambling display does not demonstrate his skills as a leader, it shows us a man who can sell. He can sell whatever you give him. Is this the kind of man we want to lead our country—a man who can take whatever money making product that he can and dump it on the American public?

Wait, isn’t that how we got into trouble in the first place?

A bunch of corporate executives came up with new ideas of how to package and sell securities? They sold them to less knowledgeable Americans hoping to have a better life; a shot at the American Dream. Sure these financial instruments were risky, but they promised them hope. The same thing happened when they allowed mortgages to fly out the door, loosening income requirements and other pre-qualifications that protected people if they should fall into harm’s way. Nah, they turned their heads as they offered these people—who could not afford a mortgage payment—some insurance in case a rainy day came along.

Well that rainy day has come and what do we have? A man standing in front of the American public telling them how he can lead their country after his companies have gone though bankruptcy. After he has entered into business ventures that were just as risky as the ones that led America into a financial crisis.

And this man, Donald Trump, is leading in the polls.

Something is wrong with this picture.

How can we take a man seriously when he will do anything to make a dollar to put in his own pocket? What has he got to offer us other than a bunch of puffed up hope backed with nothing but pride and chicanery?


Author: Jane CoCo Cowles

Apprentice Editor: Jami C. Wallace / Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Jamelle Bouie/Flickr

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