March 9, 2016

Reaching Orgasmic Creativity through Yoga.

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I first made note of it after doing a series of cat and cow poses in yoga class.

I noticed how the rhythmic flow of my hips channeled a warm tingling sensation up my spine. I started to see the rays of light, colors and shapes that I sometimes experience during the throes of an orgasm.

I did not have an “aha” moment; rather, hip opening poses subtly influenced my creativity over time. I cannot say that I felt the same intense burst of inspiration that I felt after an orgasm; it was a subtler influx of ideas, but nonetheless profound.

I had often wished I could tap into the creative spark I frequently had during orgasm. What I didn’t know was that I simply had yet to learn how to harness it.

The second chakra, located in our navel region, is the home to both creativity and sexuality. When it is healthy, we feel that burst of sexuality and creativity. But when it is closed we feel pain, tension, guilt and lack of control—writer’s block and a pile of torn paper. As much as I have enjoyed having my creativity and sexuality align and experiencing heightened orgasmic flow, I have also known what it is like to have that chakra shut down.

When I don’t feel that connection, not only do all my ideas seem humdrum, but I also don’t feel the dynamic energy that starts around my navel region. My work requires that I be in a seated position, compressing those lower regions of my body. They are not open, moving or exposed to a flux of new energy like they are when I am having an orgasm.

It is not so much the orgasm, but accessing these areas of my body that heightens my creative flow.

If we think about it, when we are at the height of a sexual experience our bodies soften and open. We are not trying to control; we completely let go in that moment into a fully sensory experience. Because my brain stops trying to make sense of everything or find order during an orgasm, my creativity is at its apex.

After realizing this, I started to practice cat and cow poses more frequently and to make note of other poses that had a way of awakening that electric flow in my hip region. In time, I developed a series of poses that help harness those creative juices when they come to a halt after a long day of sitting:

I start with cat and cow to awaken the connection between my pelvis and spine, being mindful to push my navel up to my spine as I arch my back upward and downward. It is that rhythmic flow that awakens my spine and rocks my mind into a gentle relaxation. It shakes free the need for control. And with closed eyes, I continue to rock back and forth until a feel a looseness in my hips.

Then I relax into a wide child’s pose. For this, I keep my knees wider than my hips and fully fold forward. I breathe deeply and continue to open up my hips.

Next, I turn to my back and go into bridge, pressing my navel to the sky and raising my spine in a vertical slant. As I feel the triangular arch underneath my back and butt, I squeeze my shoulder blades together and turn the crown of my head towards the flow. I release anything I am holding onto—any doubts, any worries—and receive whatever is flowing my way.

I lower slowly, feeling each vertebra of my spine touch the floor. I lift into a bridge pose a few times before releasing into a hip opening savasana.

Last, placing the soles of my feet together, knees splayed out open like a frog, I rest in baddha konasana (bound angle pose). When that area is tight, I feel resistance and a dull ache, perhaps even pain. I raise my hips a little as if I am going into bridge pose. I can start to feel the whole region open and be more receptive to energy and ideas.

I believe creativity and sexual arousal are all about letting something in, accepting it and absorbing it into our bodies without resistance or judgment. It is a complete surrender. Only then does our mind stop seeking order, flowing just like our bodies in the midst of an orgasm.

By feeling the power of these poses, I can harness my creative energy and get the same burst of creative energy as I do from an orgasm. But it is far deeper, because instead of releasing that burst to my partner, I hold it inside and let it build, awakening those creative zones to inspire something I didn’t know before, an expression that feels exciting and new.


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Author: Jane CoCo Cowles

Editor: Toby Israel

Image: Pixabay


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