March 10, 2016

She Is Hungry.

Courtesy of Toby Israel

She is hungry.

She fills her mouth with ripe figs and soft cheese; layers her stomach with tender greens, succulent gems of fruit and savory slivers of morels.

She finishes one feast only to look forward to the next, empty as soon as she’s filled.

She is ravenous.

She devours words, chapters and entire volumes of poetry, licking her lips and looking for the next opus, hardly the final page turned. Sentences drip down her chin and hang from her open, laughing mouth as she grabs for more.

She looks, listens hungrily; one verse consumed, she asks for another, just as quick. They write, speak, sing from dawn ’til dark, but never does she get her fill.

She is famished.

Her body consumes meals, masterpieces and entire worlds to no avail. Full for a mere moment, she quickly becomes hungry again.

She is insatiable.

You will never sate her.

Your words, your food, your touch will never quell her hunger; only she can do that.

You can never slake her thirst, for it did not begin—nor can it end—with you.

Only she can do that.

She is hungry, and not even the cornucopia could fill her.

She is ravenous, yet all the languages of all the worlds will not satisfy her.

She is famished, but nothing in this world outside her will be enough.

She is insatiable.

You cannot sate her.

Only she can do that.


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Author: Toby Israel

Image: Courtesy of Author (Photo Credit: Tierney Brown)


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