March 6, 2016

Super New Moon in Pisces: Dreams Can Come True.

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*Eleditor’s note: Astrology isn’t a religion. We’re not sure it’s a science, either. It’s magic, maybe. But, as with feng shui, say, things affect things. So as long as we don’t go blaming our problems on the stars, as long as we assume responsibility for our own actions…well, hell, a little auspicious coincidence and applicable wisdom can’t hurt. And so, with that grain of salt…enjoy!

“People are afraid to pursue their most important dreams, because they feel that they don’t deserve them.” ~ Paulo Coelho 

On Tuesday March 8th there will be an emotional and dynamic super new moon in Pisces.

Often, supermoons are overlooked when they occur at the new moon because there isn’t the grand display in the sky—yet it truly is a momentous time of intense energies and new possibilities.

A supermoon is when the moon literally is closer to earth, and if visible, it could appear up to 30% larger in the sky.

New moons are a time of beginnings when we are encouraged to plant the seeds of what we hope to manifest within the new lunar cycle.

Combining this Pisces new moon with a supermoon signifies that it’s not just a new beginning, but a new life direction altogether.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and embodies qualities of all the signs, yet she is most well known for being sensitive, romantic and in touch with her deepest emotions.

She is the underwater goddess that helps us to believe in the impossible.

Because Pisces influences our ability to dive deep into our emotions, we will become brave enough to finally face our inner wounds and heal them once and for all.

This is not only the first supermoon of 2016, but it also falls just hours before the first eclipse of the year—signifying that our entire way of life is about to be shook down to its very core.

If we were holding back at all or hiding our truth, there is no doubt the Piscean tides of change will sweep us up in a new direction.

March is a high-stakes month. As this month began, we could feel a different energy in the air.

Some of us may have felt scattered or even distracted if we were trying to maintain a cerebral hold on our emotional worlds.

We may have even felt resistant to the change we could already sense was brewing by withdrawing into our old ruts and patterns of behavior.

Yet this time we aren’t going to be allowed to stay where we are comfortable.

Most new moons are quiet and introspective times, yet with the aspects of Mercury, Chiron and the Nodes of Fate, we truly are being placed in a spotlight, asking if we are going to continue to live like we always have—or if we are going to be brave enough to face our darkness so that we can finally come into the light.

Chiron deals with our old childhood wounds and parental conditioning that play an important role in the kind of life that we lead.

This super new moon is going to be challenging us to face those demons, but will also assist us in making our own choices about how exactly we want to live our lives.

It’s scary to break free from the expectations of loved ones, but the truth is no one else rules our life but us, and therefore we owe it to ourselves to live the life that makes us happy.

We don’t owe anyone else anything, especially if it sacrifices our deepest desires.

The amazing thing with this moon is that everything we truly want is waiting for us—if we are brave enough to do the work to get it.

Everything we’ve dreamed about is only one step away—yet that step is an immense one.

Usually only full moons throw a light on any truths that we may have been running from, but because of the complexity of planets around this new moon and the eclipse, we simply won’t be able to run any longer.

The truth always comes out, it’s just a matter of if we are going to go with the flow or fight against it.

Over the course of the next month we will be scared but it is only because it matters.

This precious moment of living in the now—unwilling to live according to others’ expectations any longer, and unable to deny what our hearts are telling us—is what it really all comes down to.

While we are beginning a new cycle, this particular eclipse triggers the last one in September of 2015—anything that was going on during that time is back in our lives and in a big way.

We are unable to cover our eyes or use our same worn out defense mechanisms this time around because the fact is we aren’t the same people that we were.

We’ve grown, changed and now there is simply no going back.

Free will is available to all of us, and regardless of what astrological factors come into play, it remains the most important factor on any decision regarding change.

Yet, suddenly the choice to not pursue that which calls to us the most is more terrifying than taking that giant leap into the unknown.

We don’t know how it will end, and there are no guarantees—but all we do know is that we can’t move on without really knowing for sure.

This high intensity new moon is like the premier of a new blockbuster film of everything we’ve always wanted for our lives—all we need to do now is buy the damn ticket.

It’s easy to move from day to day in our lives ignoring our truth or talking ourselves out of why we are feeling what we are, but the singular most important aspect to remember is that we feel everything for a reason.

Each thought or feeling is another stepping stone that we must embrace in order to cross from where we were to where we want to be.

Because of Chiron, the Nodes of Fate, Virgo and romantic Pisces, the big theme this moon is relationships.

Whether we want to see the truth or not—there won’t be denying it any longer.

Those relationships where our authentic self and truth aren’t supported will begin to dissolve and a greater sense of urgency will be presented in maintaining and strengthening the connections that do matter.

There is truth in love, and we are about to discover just where that truly lays.

In the next lunar cycle, we are going to get very clear about exactly what kind of life we want to lead, and that means abandoning doing those things we do for solely the happiness of others.

We are going to be facing some harsh truths in regards to why we have acted in ways that were detrimental to our life’s purpose, and we are going to be craving whatever path honors our truth—regardless of how difficult it once seemed.

Relationships that aren’t truly about love will no longer appeal to us because we will realize that what we really want—and deserve—is possible and available to us.

To get the most out of this super new moon, the best advice is to go into each decision and situation as fearlessly as we can.

The next month will hold both endings and beginnings, but remember that before anything new can begin, something else must end.

So let’s head into the moments of change ready and willing to become the person we were destined to be so that we can finally have the life that is waiting for us.

Anything that we dream is possible because we are deserving of the blissful splendor that occurs when our dreams finally do come true.

And I promise that they really do.



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