March 19, 2016

Thank You Donald Trump, Thank You.


The world is not in a good way.

There are countless people starving, bombed, abused, homeless. And that’s the tip of the iceberg. Under the surface we have rising living costs and falling wages, corruption and greed and bank bailouts and oil spills, and a global medical emergency (we’re not getting healthier; we’re getting fatter and more depressed and more autistic). While those “in power” continue to treat the natural world with total and utter contempt.

So, thank you Donald Trump, thank you.

Let me explain:

A true addiction only ends in one of two ways:

Either we hit rock bottom and rise back up.
Or we stay there.

Addiction takes you down.
Rock bottom might wake you up.

Well, we’re all addicts. Oh, you didn’t know?
Let me repeat: we’re all addicts. There’s not a person you know who isn’t addicted to something, and yes, that includes you.

And we’re living in such miserable conditions (compared to the majesty and joy and dignity that is our potential state) that it may be getting close to decision time.

And it is a decision.

To Rise up, or to hang around down here a bit longer?

The outside world is a reflection, creation, and projection of our inner world.

In a way, the hole in the ozone and global warming and rainforest destruction have become distractions. We are manipulated into fear of what will happen and in fear we remain distracted, disempowered, and disconnected from ourselves, each other, and the world around us.

The irony is that the very thing we are distracted by is the thing we should be paying attention to, focusing on, being present to. Now, fearlessly, it’s urgent.

The house is burning down.

We should recognize the outer catastrophe for what it is: a sign, a symptom of inner disharmony. And fix it.

We should but we don’t. Until now we’ve been entranced with the outer.

We didn’t hit rock bottom yet. That’s all.

To me, a world with even the notion of a President Trump looks a lot like rock bottom. This looks like rock bottom to me. That we’re all creating this world, in which we are electing into office the people that we are electing into office, looks pretty ugly.

Don’t get me wrong. This world, this earth, this life of ours is beautiful.

But society is broken in such an ugly way. We aren’t present with our children. We indoctrinate them with nonsense (for example, I am expected to send my five year old son for a “psychological test” before he can get into school. There is no excuse for this ridiculousness. We start subjecting our children to tests before they are even born. “I think you’re perfect son, but I’m going to let them subject you to endless tests just in case I’m wrong about that.” What does this teach our children? Please consider this question deeply).

We program them like the robots we have become.

We even send our children to war. Not fighting for anything honourable, either. Wars for oil, wars for “power,” wars for “territory.”

So, while it pains me to say it, I say:

“Donald, bring it.”

If that’s what we need to wake the f*ck up from our enslavement to a corrupt and broken society, Donald, let’s see what you’ve got.

Maybe, just maybe that is what it will take to bring us to that cold, hard, dark place in which enough of us stand up and choose to do things differently. Maybe that is the tipping point at which enough human beings remember who they really are and begin to rise back up.

In which case, great! The end justifies the means.

Or perhaps we don’t need that. Perhaps we’re ready to ask the one question that might save us without the need for Donald’s presidential intervention:

“How do I wake up, reclaim my power, and co-create a reality of my choosing?”

Are you asking?





Author: Ben Ralston

Editor: Travis May

Photo: Flickr/Gage Skidmore

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