March 8, 2016

Want to Improve Sex Tonight? Try Hip-synching.

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We all like music to set the mood before and during sex—but have you ever used music as a sex aid?

Enter the amazing sexual meditation practice of hip-synching.

Hip-synching is essentially moving your body in time with music. But that’s called dancing, right? Not exactly. Hip-synching means that you move only with the beat and play of the instruments. For example, if a drum beats, you do a hip-flick or a Kegel clench (we’ll get to that in a minute). If a string instrument slides, you slide your body along with it.

In essence, you’re mimicking the music with your body. Just like we’d lip-synch to the words of a song, we hip-synch by moving our bodies to the exact motions of the music. And all body parts are fair game—from hips to fingertips.

To use hip-synching in bed, simply tune in to any piece of music that speaks to you. There are only two “rules”:

  1. The music must be sensual—and preferably spiritual. (No pop hits here.)
  2. It must last as long as you want sex to last—or close to it. (So, no pop hits here either.)

Think of hip-synching as a musical meditation. Indulge in the practice with your partner as if you were entering the cosmic depths together. Here’s how to get started:

Select your music.

Tune Spotify (or YouTube or Pandora) to an Indian raga—preferably sitar music played by someone like Ravi Shankar—or something that has Zakir Hussain tickling the tabla. Whatever music you and your partner are into works. Just be sure—as mentioned above—that it puts you in a peaceful, expansive mood, and it’s long enough so that you don’t have to interrupt the lovemaking flow to change the tunes. (There are two links below that you might like.)

Why ragas? Well, they take forever to get going—kind of like really good lovemaking.

This gives you time to ease into the connective act of lovemaking. As the raga begins, use its rhythms to touch your partner’s body. Usually notes are sustained at the beginning, so you can use a long sweeping motion or deep massage. Have your partner reciprocate. No need to take turns, just tune into the energy of the music and allow it to reflect in your movements.

Once sexual intercourse begins, use the music as your cue.

You’ll find that the runs a sitar makes are quite similar to the rocking motions we enjoy during lovemaking. Let the music take your body with it—clench your PC muscles, rotate your hips, squeeze your partner’s thigh between your own…

When the music gets hot and heavy, so can you.

Now is the time to unleash the power of your whole being. Connect with the music and your partner. Play his or her body with your own.

Then the magic happens.

You’ll find that at certain points during hip-synching, you will lose track of the music and get lost in your pleasure. Miraculously, as you tune back in, you’ll find that your body actually anticipates the next shifts in the music—even if you’ve never heard the piece before!

Take turns hip-synching.

You’ll know when to switch—and sometimes you and your beloved will even be synching together, which is the lovemaking equivalent of simultaneous orgasm. And better yet, it lasts longer.

Keep in mind that these are not steps that must be followed to the letter—that’s the antithesis of hip-synching’s purpose. The main goal is to allow the music to flow through your body and into your partner’s. You are sharing an experience as translated through your unique mind, body and soul. You are giving each other the gift of your pre-rational, animal, soul-self.

And by the way, you do not need a partner in order to hip-synch. This beautiful meditation works expertly with your own library and your own hands.

Enjoy—and give back to the community! Please share your experiences in the comments below, along with any suggestions for amazing hip-synching music you’d love us to try.


**Bonus: hip-synching videos:

Ravi Shankar: Raga Charukauns

Turkish Sufi Music


Author: Rachel Astarte

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Pixabay

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