April 11, 2016

A Peace Manifesto to Unite the World. {In Honor of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide}


On this, the 22nd anniversary of the 1994 Rwandan genocide, I dedicate myself to living a life of peace.

To learning from the past to make my mark for a brighter future.

To looking at others and seeing more than the color of their skin. To making no judgment based on the traditions, religions and cultures that they were inherently born into. To loving someone despite how they treat me. To being gentle with humanity for this dark period of time and to celebrating the resilience, grace and evolution being birthed that is an honor to witness.

I dedicate my life to being an anchor for my family. To loving my husband and celebrating his resilience, depth, grace and power to overcome and be anything he chooses. To raising my child to take pride in who he is and where he comes from and to teaching him to celebrate all people he encounters throughout his life.

I dedicate my life to honoring the 800,000 lives lost during those 100 days of darkness, of fear, of confusion, of horror. To never forgetting the sacrifice. To taking personal accountability to finding the gratitude for my safety, my freedom, my comfort, and my opportunity. To finding joy, meaning, and beauty every day.

I dedicate my life to my husband’s mother. To carrying her feminine role in this physical world. To being open and trusting of her guidance from the other side, for it is merged with the divine. By being the vessel for the metaphysical nurturing and love that she offers my husband in times of grief and sadness.

I dedicate my life to being grateful for my connection to Rwanda, for it is a privilege to be so close to the resurrection. To learn from the spiritual trail blazers of this world—to channel the endurance, grit, depth and love.

And I take responsibility for the part I play within my home country, Rwanda and across the world. For we all belong to each other.

Please join me. Together we rise.


Author: Sam Karorero

Editor: Sarah Kolkka

Image: Ajusticenetwork/Flickr

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