April 18, 2016

“Captain America’s Biggest Flaw.”

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The Buddha and MLK agree: this is…Captain America’s Biggest Flaw.

Fighting for Peace?

“Marvel’s Boy Scout couldn’t lift Thors Hammer? But isn’t he perfect?”

Ultron, on Cap: you are…”pretending you could live without a war.”

As the Buddhists put it, aggression feeds aggression. As MLK put it, only love can defeat war. Pouring fire on fire does not put fire out. We see that in increased partisanship in the US of A, now. We see it in the escalation of nuclear weapons in the Cold War. We see it in relationships: the only way for us to end the cycle of blame and hate is to sit on the blame and work for peace.

We can’t, ultimately, fight for peace.

This is why Cap couldn’t lift Thor’s hammer:

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