April 1, 2016

Cigarette Smoking Proven to be Healthier than Yoga. {April Fool’s Edition}

New study finds cigarette smokers intake of oxygen higher than that of yogis.

The primary activity in both cigarette smoking and yoga practice is breathing. In both activities, the breathing is done in a purposeful manner.

It is this mindful breathing where mind and body meet.

Both yogic breath and cigarettes calm the nervous system, alleviate anxiety and drive the life force of the body.

In a recent worldwide study, conducted by graduate students at M.I.T.  the oxygen intake of cigarette smokers was compared to that of yoga practitioners.

5000 participants from 30 different counties smoked cigarettes or practiced yoga for 10 minute intervals, three times over the course of an hour.

In both groups oxygen inhalation was monitored once every two minutes.

The results were shocking. 

Even though yoga has been touted to increase lung capacity and lower blood pressure while cigarette smoking has long been associated with lung disease, the study found cigarette smoking to be more beneficial for oxygen inhalation than yogic breathing.

The cigarette smokers were found to inhale ⅓ more oxygen than the yogis. Across the board, experiment participants, no matter how long they’d been smoking or doing yoga, the results were the same.

How could this be possible? 

Could the environment, elevation or age of the participant be a determining factor in these shocking results?

Not really.

Regardless of the age or nationality of the person, when comparing the oxygen intake of yoga breathers and cigarette smokers in the same age range, the cigarette smokers were always found to be taking in more oxygen. Usually around 30% more.


“I met the surgeon general—he offered me a cigarette.” ~ Rodney Dangerfield


Author: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: courtesy of Andrew Wyatt

Happy April Fool’s Day.

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