April 20, 2016

Let Us All get Lost in What we Love.

lauragrafie./ FlickrThe other day, I shared a memorable day with my brother.

We learned about a Steelhead trout’s arduous journey from the ocean to their ancestral spawning grounds in remote mountain tributaries. This made me think of the many unsung heroes living among us who go to work tirelessly nearly every day of their lives in service to others.

What came up in mind was how my brother and the agency he works for act in unison as a voice for these anadromous fish while stewarding the restoration and conservation of their precious habitat. By removing one dam that had been in place for 80 years, these oceanic trout have begun instinctively returning to these small streams to lay and fertilize their eggs.

Their impact benefits everything from the microbiology to the riparian habitat surrounding these river banks.

Balancing our ecology is crucial to living on a healthy planet and trusting our instincts is paramount to living out our self-fulfilling prophecies.

We are the voice of so many species on this planet—we are the voice for our pristine waters and the wilderness that remains untrodden by the societal influences of man.

It took me a long time to discover my voice, yet alone one of my callings in life.

I thought about how I’d recently put myself out there knowing what consequences I might face but was reminded and inspired by a wise person’s suggestions to boldly express our love—to embrace modesty and focus on a pure intent.

We’re meant to reflect beauty—both inner and outer.

If we’re feeling love within ourselves, we should feel encouraged to share that love no matter how many times it may pain us to do so.

There’s so much suffering that requires immense healing—planetary healing. For those of us who feel emotions deeply, I implore you to seek what you connect with and make that your life’s mission.

Ultimately, I was compelled to speak to the hearts of so many people in this world who are creatives, artists, seekers or travelers.

No matter how many storms we’ll inevitably endure, if we remain close to what we’re passionate about, we will be contributing to the healing of this planet.

Even in the midst of our most painful moments, we will be contributing to a loving world.

It’s up to us to embrace every ounce of energy we’re inflicted or gifted with.

We’re capable of transmuting these projections alchemically (from within) through acts of love.
There’s no way I could ever assure you that the path less traveled or journeyed through will not be daunting because it will likely transform every part of our soul should we accept such a destiny.

An expression that I often reflect on is, “Better never begin…once begun, better finish.” We will likely have to trust in faith without the support or adoration of very many people.

Our loved ones though, whether blood related or otherwise will support us every step of the way unconditionally.

Too much pain and suffering exists in this world and we have a choice whether we’re going to listen to these cries or continue ignoring them.

These cries are both within our own psyche and also the pleas of so many species that we are directly or indirectly impacting.

Where does our voice exist within each of us?

Our empathetic nature is the voice that Nature relates to.

It’s possibly one of the hardest things for many sensitive souls to do—to stand out and own who they are.

A day may never pass when the pain doesn’t infiltrate the confines of our guarded, temperamental hearts but we must stand up for ourselves and the life of so many other species we care so much for.

Once we open ourselves up to our divine nature and learn to shed the weight of every memory which has pained our sensitive soul we can finally emerge as the person we were always meant to become.

We may not have started the vicious cycle we’re all so entrenched in but without love, humanitarians, naturalists, yogis, so on and so forth, we’ll only continue losing ground to the healing our Mother Earth needs.

More shamans and healers are awakening to their gifts—the pain is not just our own, it is the collective wound that remains open.

Millennials are standing in their power and the rainbow children will again reunite our planet as one human species coexisting with all life here.

Life is too short to insist on not living from our hearts—there’s too much beauty to be shared with the world, especially the pain and how beautiful it truly is to express our raw nature with so much vulnerability and intensity.

Our intuition will guide us in the right direction, always but we must learn to let go of a society that has perpetrated this pandemic.

Every action that a person instills into something they love, they’re contributing to the harmonization of our planet and influencing equilibrium—rather than fight with the old, as the expression goes focus instead on building the new.

The most effective way to do this is by standing in our highest power doing what we love—that’s it.

It’s sometimes easier said than done, but it can be done nonetheless.

Following our hearts and trusting in ourselves that our contribution to this planet is merely being here and enjoying life to the fullest.

It’s time to brave the world that could otherwise condone our spiritual uprising.

It’s in our conviction that we’ll know and feel that we’re swept away in the throes of what we love so dearly, we’ll get lost in what we love.




Author: Thayne Ulschmid

Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: auragrafie./ Flickr 

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