April 14, 2016

Letting You See Me. {Poem}

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Pushing the stray stands of my hair aside, you touch my face in the way I’ve wanted to be touched forever.

You touch me with a soulful, confident hunger that leaves me breathless and evaporates all thoughts into the cool night air.

I melt into you; I melt with you, like mango sorbet on a hopelessly hot day.

And you look at me, you look right at me, you look deep inside me—

You walk boldly into the wild turquoise seas of my eyes, into the blistering cracks of all the sh*t I’ve been through, into all the messy mistakes I’ve made, into my fiery phoenix ability to rise, into the plump vines of hope growing like succulents in my veins.

You’re not sacred away. My sweet roarin’ flames don’t overwhelm you.

You don’t turn away.

You smile a smile so big it could crack open the sky—because you’ve got some blazin’ wildfire in you, too.

So you grab my face and kiss me with all the fire in the world,

The poetry of your hand in mine, pulling me closer than our skin allows.

Spirit spills secrets through the air, blessing us with a breeze as you hold me in the way I’ve wanted to be held forever—wrapping me close, embracing me tightly, intentionally in your arms.

I stand still and let you see me—all of me—

Unfolding petal by petal, like a lotus, in the gritty rootedness of your presence

Anchoring myself in the inspired aliveness of your breath

Breathing you in,

Breathing you out.

You let me see you, too.

I begin the rapturous descent into your eyes,

And the world falls away, the cars and busyness and sirens of the city streets peel away like wallpaper, and it’s just us and nakedness and truth, standing on the cusp of something we don’t yet understand.

All I know is the quiet ecstasy of your lips on mine, the hushed whispers from our hearts, perfuming the air around us with laughter and jasmine and honey.

We stand together, fingers woven, souls dancing a daring tango without any disguises,

And under the yellow light of the crescent moon,

I let you see me—raw and trembling, I let you see me exactly as I am.

Letting you see me is magic;

Seeing you is beauty.

And I want to cry, because it feels so delicious,

But you smile and I smile

And we laugh

Because this moment, so simple, so electric and so terribly fleeting

Cracks us open

And reveals the raw edges of all the things we were too afraid to ever show anyone.

The blistering pull of vulnerability leads us deeper,

And we smile, knowingly.

Because this is what life is about.


This brilliant display of heart-soaked authenticity.

Letting you see me is the deep breath I didn’t know I needed; seeing you is the power I didn’t know existed.

This moment, an ode to the magnificent things that happen

When we set our bullsh*t and masks aside

And let ourselves be seen

In the humble embrace

Of another heart.

Letting you see me is magic;

Seeing you



The tender radiance of this moment will live on inside me forever.


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Author: Sarah Harvey

Editor: Toby Israel

Photo: Akshay Moon/Flickr 


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