April 18, 2016

The Age of Child Abuse. {Poem}





news news news

blah blah blah

my children still in abuse

and who cares

.about interest rates

..and political dancing

…and celebrity defecating

so much more

than a child’s forced fears

and minds ripped raging


are sheeples all we are ?

has decency suffered

into necrotic liquefaction ?

and concerns been hijacked

by inanimate hoardings ?

and selfies narcissism

become the opiate of ego ?

no pets, friends or souls lie here

but meat, and skin

trite fashion’s dregs


what happened to superman

where did the heroes go ?

are they all imprisoned so easily

blinded, deafened, asleep ?

no great fight here

but a war won quietly

as easily and gently as an infection

and the pre zombies

casually embrace each other’s disease

nay, but seek the stupor


so these children scream on deaf ears

make futile gestures to those looking away

betrayed by dead rescuers

But know this truth

at the centre of the war

lies the most evil of all hearts

it’s blood circulating the psychopaths army

it’s constant opiate keeping heroes asleep

it’s constant planting and harvesting

the eternal nightmares of children






Author: Tom Dobbie

Editor: Travis May

Photo: Flickr/Gianluca


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