April 29, 2016

The New Sexy.

Author's Own

Why did we, the women of this century, start to adapt to circumstances and perfectly-polished photoshopped idols instead of relying on ourselves; our own ability to create our own raw kind of beautiful?

Today I want you to feel strong and pure.

Today I want you to feel that you’re part of something greater and that you can rely on your own strength.

Today, I’m claiming my own power—and I hope you do, too.

Today, I’m going to acknowledge the fact that I (no matter which color I inherit, which size I am, or which age) can be a role model too. I just have to decide that I am one and start living as I want and not according to other people’s terms.

What’s happening on the outside? A lot.

Ads are throwing limiting beliefs around like they’re funky glitter confetti. The wrong people are defining what is beautiful and what is not—people who make all of their money with our insecurities.

And where will this lead us? You may want to have a look around. We’ve become a world of insecure, anxious young people who think a new nose and huge boobs will be the cure for their problems.

Kids growing into little insecure girls, growing into even more insecure women. So f*cking afraid of their own light because they could be intimidating to others—someone may not like us.

But the truth is we do not have to dim our own light. We also did not come here to be liked by each and everyone person, and we don’t have to be part of every group out there—we can create our own tribes.

Or as Kanye West puts it: “I did not come here to be liked. I came here to make a difference!”

We can go down a different road; the one less taken, darkened and foreboding, demanding courage and faith.

Today I want to introduce you to some sacred wisdom, not invented by me, but actually coming from the source of goddesses.

Here’s my new ancient manifesto for empowering the woman in you:

I claim my own power as a woman and mother, like the goddess Hathor. For those of you who don’t know her, she is an Egyptian goddess that stands for strength in mothers and protects newborns. I feel Hathor because I started to connect to this form of power through motherhood. Motherhood is immense strength and softness at the same time and it’s mind-blowing what this can do to you. You don’t have to be a mom to connect to her; just let the wisdom of female strength guide your actions.

I am here to stand tall against everything that does not feel right to my heart like goddess Dike. I am here to bring the spirit of morality and fairness into other peoples lives, so we all start taking our lives in our own hands. You can step into this flow by helping where you feel help is needed. Step up and do the work if your heart tells you so. Stand up for the causes you believe in. For me this power can be found in conscious consumerism and my vegan lifestyle.

I am here to claim my power in independence. I don’t care in which form this may comes, but I breathe it to life like Artemis. This can be manifested as you, a superwoman tramping alone through the world, or just by working in my very own dream job and being worthy of the money I want people to pay for my services.

I am a worker of the divine. I empower myself so I can empower other women and bring wealth into our lives like goddess Iduna. Iduna is generous and youthful. With this generosity I want to meet and greet your heart.

I am thankful for every woman I reach with my words and acts. I believe that each life we can cast influence with only a tiny bit of positivity and this is a step into the right direction.

I am constantly balancing my masculine and feminine energy. This means I step up and act (the male energy) but I am doing this all from my heart and inner guidance (the female energy).

And here’s my overall statement for all the young girls out there—this is for all my daughters, for all my sisters, for each and every woman:

You are enough. You are sexy the way you are. Sometimes this means red lipstick is involved—sometimes it’s just your favorite baggy pants. Shall you always know that true sexiness is within you and not an outside job. You are enough my dears. We all are.

To own our own skin and to dance to the beat of our own drum is the sexiest thing anyway! True sexiness is about soulfulness. May we all embrace our souls with all their sparks and shadows, accepting ourselves, and redefining what it means to be sexy.


Author: Deborah Shkodra

Editor: Erin Lawson

Images: Flickr/Sarah Robinson   //   Author’s own

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