May 17, 2016

13 Truly Random Musings on Life, Cows & the teachings of Sigmund Freud.


I like reading quotes—cliché, inspirational, humorous or sad.

Sometimes a quote on Facebook changes my day for the better. And even if a quote is cliché, it seems like every time I come back to it, I realize something else.

That road less traveled quote by Robert Frost resonates with everyone because we all think we’re on the road less traveled, but we’re typically not, until we are. Even now, I’m not sure if I’m on the road less traveled or if there is even a road I’m supposed to be on.

As we change and grow, our understanding of things we once thought begin to fall away. The more I let go, the more I see how there are other ways of seeing this world. I believe that we are here to create our own clichés, so I’ve compiled a list of quotes that are original to me because original quotes are bad ass.

1. They say you shouldn’t burn bridges, but I say f*ck that. Go ahead and burn bridges if you want. We’re human beings— we can learn how to build new bridges if we want.

2. Life’s not about getting it right. It’s about finding the right people to get it wrong with.

3. Some people say life is a dream. I think this is true, but just because it’s a dream, doesn’t mean it doesn’t turn into a nightmare sometimes.

4. Every man has a desire to conquer the world. What most men don’t realize is that this desire to conquer the world is actually the desire to conquer himself.

5. Intellectuals call people they don’t agree with “pseudo-intellectuals.” What they fail to understand is that everyone is a pseudo-intellectual—none of us has any idea what is going on in the world, but some of us are better at acting like we know.

6. The subconscious mind is a huge myth The term was coined by Sigmund Freud, a man who thought we all wanted to bang our moms. See quote five again about how intellectuals are faking it. Seriously—the man who thought we wanted to bang our moms was considered a “great intellectual?”

7. Call people out on their bullshit—and laugh when they call you out on yours. Otherwise we end up believing that all men subconsciously want to bang their moms.

8. Did you know that cows make friends? The moo you know.

9. If a member of the Illuminati does something nice, does that make him a member of the Illumi-nicey?

10. Are we humans or are we dancers? Both. The answer is clearly both. The Killers ask this question in one of their songs, and I’m glad I finally figured out a good answer to give them.

11. Go ahead and judge other people if you want, but just realize that your judgement of them only clouds your understanding of who that person really is.

12. We’re so egotistical as humans that we will point out how egotistical other humans are.

13. I think that the epitome of the American Dream is eating at Taco Bell while talking about how the government is poisoning us.

Hopefully you found these quotes inspiring, humorous or somewhat educational. Maybe they even brightened your day to some extent.

If not, make up your own quotes for Christ’s sake. It’s harder than it looks.


Author: Jacob Runde

Editor: Nicole Cameron

Image: Ryan McGuire/gratisography

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