May 9, 2016

Acknowledgment for the Misunderstood.

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For everyone who was told to “suck it up” or to “stop crying.”

One day you will meet someone who will see every tear, hear every confession, witness your giving heart and sometimes floundering ways, and they will love you for the messed up, f*cked up, and incredible human being who you truly are.

For everyone who believed showing emotion meant weakness, someday you will find a person who will hold you in your sorrow, be the shoulder you need to lean on, and cry with you, for they will feel your pain as their own.

For every person who was punished for telling the truth—honesty wasn’t comfortable for others—someday someone real will witness every honest imperfection and beautiful flaw that uncovers your raw vulnerability.

For the little girl who threw herself on the bed crying after school, whose intentions of kindness and love were mistaken yet again for coldness and indifference and the little boy who was made fun of for being a “sissy” when his tender heart was displayed for someone he cared for, someday you will find a true friend who will truly understand and appreciate your kind and caring soul.

For every man or woman who tried and failed to measure up to someone else’s standards of perfection, there will come a time that someone will forgive you when you fail and lend you their hand when you fall down.

For every shy one whose mind is bursting with ideas, always frightened to share for fear of being laughed at, someday you will be so fully loved that sharing every thought with someone will be a joy.

For every brave pioneer who took the first step toward doing something different and were ignored or shot down, you will one day be so adored and admired that your words will bring comfort and ignite passion in others.

For every “naughty” child who felt beaten down, someday your cries will be understood as your craving for love.

For every one who has ever been misunderstood:

Don’t give up.

Be yourself, even if you are terrified.

You are a gift and your passion will reflect your greatest potential.

For real love reminds you of your worth—held inside and long forgotten.

For we have been taught to hate ourselves first.

Real love does not overlook the flaws that make up the broken person you are, it welcomes and appreciates every single blemish that creates your unique illuminating soul.

Real love fills those cracked places and gives you a soft place to land so that you are reminded that you are love (even if you can’t fully believe it yourself).

And to those who say that real love can not exist until you love yourself first, let me remind you, that when you look in your eyes (the mirror of your soul) and see your true colors reflected in the light, you will no longer turn away in horror, as others have taught you.

For you will truly see yourself in the flattering eyes of the one who loves you.

And you will finally be free to love yourself.


Author: Stephanie Parry

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: flickr/Tif Pic

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