May 5, 2016

How Myths Can Help Us Understand the Universe.

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People commonly consider myths to be fanciful made up stories to explain what is not understood by a society.

However, some stories categorized as myths are actually deserving of a different and more significant name. Remarkably those “myths,” when understood, serve as a gateway to an entirely new technology.

By understanding the mechanics of electricity, tremendous technologies have been developed—including the television, light bulb and computer. The laws of electromagnetics served as an adequate language to master those technologies.

While we have a language to understand electricity, there are deeper laws of nature—what scientists call the quantum mechanical realm—that are not practically or technologically accessible through mathematical formulas. This deeper level of existence has often been relegated to the language of myths. These myths give us a way to develop technologies that operate on deeper levels.

I’m talking about a technology that can improve every aspect of our lives, because it springs from the most fundamental level of life. This revolutionary field of study is quite foreign to popular modern thought, which is why a step by step explanation is being used to illuminate its implications.

1. Personification

A human being is composed of atoms, molecules, cells, and tissues. How these things function together is referred to as physiology. However, when you think of another person, you don’t think of them as a physiology. Rather, you think of the personified quality. The person, then, is the personified correlate to the physiology. That is what gives an individual meaning.

2. The Underlying Basis of Life and Existence

The universe also has the equivalent of a physiology, which modern physics calls the quantum mechanical level. This lies at the base of everything in the universe, both animate and inanimate. Quantum mechanics is a highly complex language, however. As with human physiology, the quantum mechanical level has a personified correlate.

Just as you most effectively interact with another human being by relating to them as a personified entity instead of a complex mathematical formula, the same is true with respect to the quantum mechanical realm. This underlying level of the universe is composed of personified qualities traditionally referred to as the many faces of one God. Though polytheism is often viewed as there being many Gods, even polytheism recognizes that all Gods are, in fact, many aspects of the same one God.

Some “myths” are actually personified correlates to the underlying structure and nature of existence—the stories of the Gods. These stories about the Gods help us put a human face to the dynamics of existence, and thereby deepen our understanding of those deeper levels.

3. Yagnas

These personified aspects of the quantum mechanical realm can be communed and worked with as a fundamental technology of nature. Some would refer to that process as “prayer.” There is a scientific precision to the technology of prayer: yagna. Some may think of yagna as ceremony. By this I do not mean made up rituals. Yagnas are precise technologies that require a deep understanding of the laws of nature. It’s like building a car or a cell phone. You have to really know what you’re doing for those devices to work. Similarly, to be effective, the technology of yagna must be adhered to with precision. To the non-discerning eye, yagnas may appear to be just like any other ceremony, but they are not. They are a way to work directly with the deepest level of the universe.

4. The Meaning

Think of beings from another planet coming across a record for the first time. Analyzing the makeup of the mysterious black disc wouldn’t give them the meaning of it—for this they would need a record player, to hear the music and to understand the meaning of the song. Similarly, the quantum mechanical basis of existence contains a deeper meaning. Some myths are the songs humans have sung that bridge the gap with the quantum mechanical physiology.

5. Multiple Angles

Myths are like the semi-precious stone called picture jasper, which has the interesting property of presenting different views depending on how you slice it. One cut can produce a view that looks like the ocean, another stone might be cut to look like rolling hills. One piece of picture jasper can reveal infinite pictures, the more you cut into it. Similarly, the personified correlates (“myths”) inherent in the very nature of existence are limitless. There are infinite ways of viewing the dynamics of the quantum mechanical level.

6. The Value of Accessible Language

The trouble with quantum mechanical formulas is that they provide an awkward, complex, and essentially inaccessible language to describe the underlying basis of existence. By contrast, when these “myths” are understood, they offer a profound understanding of the essential nature of life and existence. More accessible language offers a manner in which we can interface and work with that profound level of existence. It promises the opportunity to employ remarkable technologies of the most fundamental level of life.

As technologies become more subtle, they become more powerful. For example, the technology of electricity is more subtle than the technology of a hammer and nail, and it’s also more powerful. The quantum mechanical level, being the most subtle level of existence, offers the most powerful technologies imaginable.

7. Human Intuition

Throughout the ages, human beings have innately known these personified qualities and the power of these deepest levels of existence. They sensed it or felt it deep within themselves, even to the extent they built huge temples and structured great societies around them. However, when something is subtle, it is also delicate and easily misunderstood, giving way to superstition and misunderstanding.

We live in a great age when science now stands on the forefront of the subtlest and most profound technologies possible. A rational analysis of “myths” provides insight into the correlation of the “quantum mechanical physiology” to the personified aspect. This gives us a language for what science cannot yet fully describe in complex mathematical equations.

The ancient Seers employed a technology called “cognition,” enabling them to directly perceive these quantum mechanical “myths.” Through the ages, as the knowledge was lost, they were clumped together with made-up stories. It is ours to sort out, fathom, and rediscover the ancient art and science of cognition.


Author: Dr. Michael Mamas

Editor: Catherine Monkman

Image: Courtesy of Author

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