May 22, 2016

Love Has Called a Meeting.

Man Reading Letter

Love has called a meeting. Hand-written invitations were sent:

Dear Despair,

You rip me to shreds and tear me open. All I can do when you’re around is try to remain alive. Please, come sit at the sacred circle. Your attendance is so dear. You remind me to breath.

Dear Grief,

You humble me. Please, bring the gut-wrenching pain that tackles me to the floor with waves so huge, all one can do is go limp with surrender and be taken by your force. Your particular and tender reality of loss inspires an odd completeness and happiness. With you, I feel my body enliven, please come and turn this meeting into the celebration of life that it truly is.

Dearest Rage,

You scare the sh*t out of me! But, I welcome you with my all heart, join me in this sacred circle. I want to sit with your mess of fury. And please, take the seat next to mine, I will save it for you.

Dear Doubt,

You don’t believe me, but you are not only welcome to sit at this sacred council, we need your valuable presence. Bring your voice, your questions, your unbelieving, your distrust…be heard and be held.

Hello my dearest Fear,

I bow to you, sacred guru, please do me the honor of attending this meeting. We cannot hold it without you. Sometimes we must feel the trepidation in your rhythm, in order to know our strength. Sometimes we must walk through you to take our journey powerfully. Please come to the council meeting and sit where we can all face you.

Dear Black Hole of Terror,

You offer no reference, and with this, you gift us the most open inspiration and creativity. I beg your presence! Please come, so that we may hold the inquiry open and unfold in the freshness of the moment. With nothing to grasp at, nothing to lean on, no pulling or pushing, we will honor you. (Forgive a little bit of excited flailing amidst the new found aliveness.)

You are the gurus, I bow at your feet in humility and in beauty of all that is. I let life live through me, and each one of you make it so. Let us have our meeting, let us complete the circle.

Yours truly,


P.S. Dear Shame,

I am ashamed and admit I often forget about you. You are small and hidden, so I must pay special attention to realize you’re around. You are so beautiful in your vulnerability. Please come to the sacred lodge and come just as you are. If you prefer, sit behind me, I will protect you.


When love calls a meeting, she is answering her yearning to embrace that which most needs her. She invites the lost and forsaken parts home. She allows the most wretched, dark aspects to rest and be held in her arms. She values what is seemingly unworthy. Love doesn’t need to fix anything. In her infinite nature, she gives the shadows more love, not less.

By bringing all these pieces together, she masterfully designs wholeness, and peace between what is in all of us.


Author: Ronit Ashkenazi

Image: Wikimedia Commons 

Editor: Emily Bartran


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Read 35 comments and reply

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