May 21, 2016

Love is the Only Thing that Matters in the Universe… Kinda.


*Watch Out: Some strong language below!*


So, because I’m all spiritual and shit now, I’ve come to the realization that love is the only thing that matters in the universe. When I first figured this out, it was sort of a disappointing realization.

Like, really? Love? That’s it? That’s the thing I’ve been looking for this whole time?

I first came to this realization when I was on mushrooms, but the way in which we come to realizations about the ultimate nature of reality, our lives and all that other bullshit doesn’t really matter.

Once I figured this out, I became more compassionate with other people. I lost the fear of sounding like I was crazy, because we all worry that people are going to think that we’re crazy. I also turned into a bit of a snobbish idiot, because once you realize that love is the only thing that matters, you realize how little of it there really is in this mixed up, upside down, crazy little world we inhabit.

And even other people who know that love is the only thing that matters can be super enlightened douches who whine and whine about how there needs to be more love in the universe. Love means a lot of things, but one thing that it doesn’t mean is whining about how shitty this hateful, spiteful world can be.

It’s kind of pathetic sometimes, and I say that out of a spirit of love. Because love is about loving the shitty things as well. It’s about loving yourself, and your crazy thoughts. It’s about loving the fear and hate that is inside of you.

Because even though I know that love is the only thing that matters in the universe, I still have hateful, mean-spirited thoughts.

And I love them.

It’s okay to think mean shit, because we’re not in control of our thoughts. We can guide them to some extent toward the things we want to do, but to think that all we have to do is constantly love is sort of silly, and exhausting.

It’s okay to get mad. It’s okay to feel down. It’s okay to want to scream every now and then.

This world is a cruel place.

The next time someone says something mean to you, just tell them that you love how ignorant they are. Tell them that you love how misguided and stupid they are for being mean when they could have taken a second to think if they really wanted to do that.

I love how stupid I think people are. I love feeling superior to others, because I know that I am not, but it’s fun to feel that way sometimes, and I get why people think that. It’s totally okay to think that you’re better than others, and if you read Elephant Journal, you’re definitely better than a lot of people (shout out to readers!).

Love is about surrender. It is the absolute and utter surrender to this present moment in time. You can look back on your past if you want. I like to look back on my past sometimes, because it helps me understand how I got to the present moment I’m in.

My past hasn’t always been pretty. I’ve been to jail a few times, but the worst jail to be in can be our own life.

We set up jails for ourselves all the time. Jails of fear, anger, hatred and remorse.

Surrender to it.

Don’t hate or fear yourself for feeling fear or hatred. Enjoy moments when you’re feeling rage. It’s totally fine; there’s nothing wrong with it.

Don’t judge yourself. I love how much I hate Hillary Clinton, and I love how much I hate Donald Trump. I love how much I hate the system, and I love how much I hate myself.

I love that I am addicted to cigarettes, and I love that I am an entirely flawed human being.

I don’t think “enlightenment” is about finding the light, but loving the dark.


Author: Jacob Runde

Editor: Toby Israel

Image: Pexels


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