May 5, 2016

Not Effing With You: Jimmy Kimmel vs. Sarah Palin on Climate Change.

kimmel palin clime change video

Jimmy Kimmel recently responded to Sarah Palin’s rambling statements denying climate change.

Kimmel spoke out about the ridiculousness of climate change being a left against right political issue. “Climate change is not a liberal versus conservative thing,” he said.

Interestingly, as former governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin signed an order in 2007 to form the Alaska Climate Change Sub-group. Alaska is on the front lines of climate change; according to the EPA, the average temperate has risen three degrees Fahrenheit over the last 60 years, which is twice as much as the rest of the United States. Thawing permafrost and rising sea levels are causing coastal erosion, forcing some Alaskan Native villages to relocate.

However, Palin continues to publicly question climate change. “It’s perpetuated. It’s repeated so often that too many people believe that ‘oh, I guess that if 97% of all scientists believe that man’s activities are causing changes in the weather, who am I to question that?’” Palin said in one of the clips. Palin’s statements were captured while she was promoting Climate Hustle, a documentary that attempts to disprove climate change.

“You know how you know when climate change is real?” Kimmel retorted. “When the hottest year on record is whatever year it currently is,” he added, to waves of laughter and applause.

“Our politicians debate this, but our scientists don’t. There’s no debate about the greenhouse effect, just like there’s no debate about gravity. If someone throws a piano off the roof, I don’t care what Sarah Palin tells you—get out of the way, because it’s coming down on your head.”

Kimmel went on to quip, “Now to be fair, this isn’t bad news for everyone. For example, climate change is great for anyone who wants to get swallowed by the ocean. It’s good for Aquaman…bad for us.”

Kimmel continued by showing a two-minute video featuring climate change scientists. “Watch this, and at the end you disagree, while we’re all underwater, I hope you’ll be the last one to get a snorkel,” Kimmel said.

Stay tuned for the surprise ending.


Author: Lynn Shattuck

Editor: Catherine Monkman

Image: Youtube

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