May 17, 2016

Tell me That You’ve Got this…Just For Tonight. {Poem}

woman face eyes closed sleep think meditate breathe alone quietJust for tonight…

Take me in your arms and tell me that you’ve got this, that I can leave my weighted world to fall into the silence of forget.

See me.

Look at me like you did when we were eighteen, with eyes full of innocence, untainted by all you now see of my world.

Show me the joys of being alive, give me the vision to see for myself.

Touch my hand, surround it with yours, steadily leading me to a night of a million stars, twinkling in my eyes which hold child-like wonder and absolute faith in their desire to stay and to return the night over.

Hold me.

Sing me a lullaby with sounds of only love and trust and light, no shadow or doubt or hate, for I need to be released from the darkness, if only for a second.

Speak words that my heart understands, make them beautiful and full of life, wrapped in truth, but use only the softest syllables so my mind can breathe.

Sweep all of my worries aside to the morning, leaving me with nothing but us and you and now.

Clear the air so I am breathing pure love.

Whisper sweet nothings that become my everything.

Build me a sanctuary of space and time and solitude, away from the loneliness that has built a home inside of me.

Help me to let go.

Grant me a weightless sleep, free from fright, allowing me the deepest blue oceans to explore without the terrors that drown.

Show me how to dream.

Relieve my pain, leaving my body weightless to the power of surrender.

Free me.

Give me the freedom to be unafraid of each second to follow and every moment gone by.

Let me love you.

Love me.

Make me believe that this moment is forever.

…Just for tonight.


Author: Mariann Martland

Editor: Sara Kärpänen

Photo: pixabay  & lauragrafie./ Flickr 

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