May 30, 2016

The Mindful Life Illustrated: The Untapped Source of Love that is Waiting to be Discovered.

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There is love in this world.

That is a fact.

There is love in the world available for you.

That is also a fact.

We may not be able to clearly see love around us all the time, but there is a constant source of love open and available to all the world.

That source is other people.

I know other people can often be a source of discouragement, negativity and worse.

But there are, at all times, people out there with love and kindness in their hearts with open arms for you.

It’s a thought that gets me through the day.

That love is a strong and stable force in this world. In the hearts of humans, we have built up an interlocking web of love that starts in each of our hearts and interweaves with the hearts of others we love in our lives.

You can join that web at any time and strengthen your connection to love.

The first step is to be honest to yourself about the people in your life. Are they a source of love? Or do they need to require you to love them?

Either way, interact with all people through love and you will find that love is ready and waiting for you in the hearts of your fellow human beings and all life on this earth.



Author & Artist: Mike Medaglia

Editor: Emily Bartran


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