May 3, 2016

There is Greatness in You.


Three years ago almost to this day I spent a weekend in the company of greatness. For two days I watched with baited breath and a pounding heart as one-by-one some of my most beloved teachers and mentors took the stage to spout wisdom and shed light on a crowd of open hearts.

Wayne Dyer. Joe Dispenza. Cheryl Richardson. Brian Weiss. These and many more who had been whispering to my heart through their books and teachings over the years showed up and shined in pure greatness.

I held on every word and feverishly scribbled notes. I laughed from the bottom of my gut and cried from the depths of my heart. I listened, I mean really listened. And here is what I learned.

I am love. You are love. Your sister’s boyfriend’s cousin’s dog is love. That teacher you hated in middle school is love. That person that just flipped you off on the highway is love. Hitler was love.

Now whether or not any of them actually remember that is another matter altogether. But it is there in each and every one of us—that tiny, luminescent, perfect, loving spark of the divine. We are all made of the same mystifying stuff, and it is love.

Our whole purpose on this planet is to remember that love. To rediscover our original perfection. To realize our oneness with every other being on this earth. To love wildly and unabashedly.

And somehow we forget that. Sure we know it in theory. Every mystical book we read, every spiritual stone we turn is based on that principle. But to know it and to really, really feel it are entirely different.

And after just two little days basking in one sweet reminder after the next, I remembered it. From the tips of my toes to the ends of my hair, I felt the love dripping from me like the salty warmth of the sea.

It is real. It is there. And sometimes we just need a little reminder.

ask for it or order it from the universe. We don’t have to read another self-help book. We don’t even have to want it or acknowledge it.

Because it is just there.

Steady. Solid. Patient. Kind.

It has no opposite. It has no beginning. It has no end.

It always was, and it always will be.

And when we are ready to connect back to it again, there it will be with loving arms and a strong embrace to say: “I’ve been with you all along.”

You see, I was in the company of greatness that weekend because the greatness was in me. And it’s in us all.





Author: Kayla Floyd

Editor: Travis May

Images: Flickr/nina_pic

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