May 18, 2016

With Every Memory You Gave Me. {Poem}

ocean sea Ayvaz

Happiness was no longer a word, a feeling, or a smile.

It became a person.

A person that makes the universe stop with a simple gaze from his serene blue eyes.

A person that carries so much mystery with him, and I am curious to reveal it cover after cover.

A person that developed into more than just a normal human being for me.

He developed into bits and pieces of me. Filling each and every void. Completing me.
The person that became “Love” itself, and trust me they were lying when they told us that love can only be felt.

Because with him, I touched Love. I touched faith.

From his sharp intellect, to his hell heart, to his star fire eyes.

And when the earth is all broken and the water from the ocean is drowning the continents, it can all be fixed when he grabs my waist closer to his, warming me up with his lips, and the heat from the friction inside me can melt the North Pole all over again.

And I guess that’s what love is: When you want the catastrophe around you just because he is there.

They asked me about our kiss.

I closed my eyes to see fireworks swimming in the night sky.

To see a shooting star roaming around you, maybe because you were everything I could wish for.

I tasted the salt on your lips, and it was heaven. I wanted more even though I preferred sugar, but with you it was different, everything with you is different.

Now, I can taste the salt on my lips, but this time they are from the tears you let my eyes, that were once the most profound art you’ve ever seen, drop.

Now, I can hear the sound of fireworks load as a bomb, but it is the sound of my own heart breaking.

Now, I gaze into the night sky, but our shooting star is gone, just like you…

Everything became different now.

I opened my eyes to see my thoughts scattered with every memory you gave me.





Author: Amal Salha

Apprentice Editor: Kathy Baum / / Editor: Renée Picard

Image: Wiki Commons

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