June 27, 2016

Being Broke isn’t Spiritual.

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Dear Yoga Teacher-Healer-Coach-Spiritual-Seeker,

Can we talk? It’s likely that no one told you that you would need to become a business owner to successfully turn your passion into a profession that pays the bills. The truth is, you are not serving the world as a broke and struggling teacher-healer-coach. I realize you are bombarded by so-called-spiritual teachings that proclaim that “making money isn’t spiritual” or “money is the root of all evil” or “wealthy people are greedy.”

Hold on to your third eye, because it’s time to get real about making a powerful and positive difference in the world through building a profitable business.

It’s true that helping your students to calm and center their minds, feel and heal their bodies and connect into the unity of all living things does make a positive difference.

What if you could have a far greater impact in the world if you more fully step into your power as a community leader? What if being a conscious business owner is the fast track to powerful changes in the economy? What if money is a vehicle that can help and heal the planet?

It is clear that we are in a potent time of awakening on the planet. The challenge with awakening consciousness is that it’s not about rainbows and unicorns, it’s about awakening truth—awakening to the truth that humans have the power to create and destroy life.

There is a massive force in the U.S. that uses the power of money for greed, destruction and profits over people. As yoga teachers, healers and coaches, I believe it is our duty to take a stand and be the change, not only on the meditation cushion or the yoga mat, but in our economy.

The world needs us to help heal our relationship with money. I know it’s hard to imagine admitting we care about money, yet money is a vehicle—a vehicle for positive change or a vehicle for destruction. Right now there is a growing movement of conscious-green-sustainable businesses, which is great! Yet time is of the essence to reach the tipping point of power and money that is aligned with the greater good.

You know the truth in your bones is that you are destined to be a part of the change.

Every day we are flooded with epic issues that are challenging our freedom and the survival of human life on Earth. From global warming, to gun control, to GMO foods to the presidential campaign, it’s time for change. We cannot wait for someone else to lead the charge. We need everyone who is willing and able to take a stand and be the change.

Ideas to get you started in your heart-centered business:

1. Heal your relationship with money: Recognize that like any relationship that isn’t working, it takes time, energy and devotion to shift and heal a broken relationship. Take a few minutes every day during the week to come into right relationship with money. Examine your limiting beliefs about money and do the work to align your values in a profitable business model.

2. Embrace that you are a business owner and learn to make it profitable. Most professional training programs include little to no business training to become certified or licensed, yet there are many organizations that teach heart-centered and sustainable business building curriculum that can help you.

3. Learn public speaking to create change with issues that matter to you. Cultivate your ability to speak and lead with clarity and confidence. Use your speaking skills to teach and share your message and to speak up when you see injustice in your local community.

Bust the myth that making money isn’t spiritual!

Did you ever consider that the dominant paradigm about money in the spiritual community is actually keeping you broke, stuck and powerless?

Stand in your open-hearted loving strength and create a profitable business that changes lives and has more power and more dollars to vote with.



Author: Christel Arcucci 

Image: Flickr/Cory Doctorow

Editors: Travis May;Yoli Ramazzina

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