June 11, 2016

Energy Forecast: June 11th–June 18th—Soul Mate Connections.

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This week’s energy is focused around the deep, intimate, powerfully resonating soul connections that we have with other people.

If we do not currently have many of these types of friendships, or we don’t have a romantic relationship of this kind, this is the week that we will be gifted with them—or at least a strong yearning to discover them.

If we are open to them, these connections will stretch our souls. These are the ones who challenge us, the ones who see us through to the core for who we are—rather than who they want or expect us to be—and the ones who bring more happiness and adventure into our lives.

We will start attracting people whose energy feels aligned with our own, as their energy will be vibrating on a similar frequency. We will feel instantly comfortable with them and almost as though we have found a place that feels like “home” in another soul.

One of the most significant things about these new connections is that there will be no attachment to the person, and we will discover acceptance and a sense of freedom within the dynamic. We will not feel as though we need to impress them, hide our true selves, or act a certain way to gain their attention. None of those things will even come into question. We will naturally nestle into a safe space within their energy, where we can come and go with ease, and our energy will expand to allow them to step in and out of ours.

Even though we may previously have found ourselves feeling as though our personal space has been invaded somewhat when new people enter our lives, these connections will have entirely different sensations associated with them. We will welcome these new interactions with open, loving arms, and they will feel effortless, almost as though the connection grows in strength without requiring any verbal communication or physical presence to prove it exists.

Not only will we feel inspired, overjoyed and grateful for the new people entering our lives, we will also feel energized by their appearance in our lives, and as though we have been gifted a new, fresh, exciting outlook and an enhanced perception and clarity that reminds us why we are here.

One of the main reasons for this happening is to give us intensely profound and pleasurable soul comfort. We may often hear that we “should” be fully whole and complete in ourselves before committing to another, and that feeling that other people “complete” us is either egotistical or it shows that we still have a lot of internal work to do. However, it is my belief that the powerful waves of incoming energies this week are firmly telling us that none of this is true. We are human beings having a spiritual experience here on Earth, and part of our humanness is the enjoyment and peace we gain when we meet others whom we connect with on a soul deep level—and within engagements that cannot and do not need to be justified or explained.

When two people have a similar vibration it known as a “sympathetic resonance” or “sympathetic vibration.” This is when there is a harmonic likeness that resonates between two people who are vibrating on the same frequency. This is the week that we will be offered the opportunity to experience these sympathetic vibrations. They will be all around us, sometimes hiding in the most unexpected places, and it is up to us (if we are willing) to be brave and reach out to those we may not normally have considered engaging in some form of relationship with.

We may wonder how we will recognize these people, and to some extent the desire to connect may feel very surreal or even otherworldly. We might instantly feel like we have found a treasured new friend or someone with whom we feel pulled towards on a more passionate, physical level. The reason we are magnetized towards certain people may never be fully known, other than that we feel a strong resonance with either something they say, something they express or quite simply for how the radiation of their heart-centered energy feels. There will be an affinity that is unmistakable and unquestionable, and we will just know in our hearts that whoever it is that has appeared—as if from nowhere—is an integral part of the unraveling of our soul journey here on Earth.

This person may enter our lives momentarily, or they may stay around for the duration, however time and distance with these connections is immeasurable. The only thing we will know for certain is that they showed up to alert us to a part of ourselves that we may have been trying to reject or deny. We will awaken to the realization that despite how much we try to convince ourselves that we are okay all by ourselves, and that we don’t need others for validation, there is a far bigger picture here that we have possibly not quite yet fully considered.

Humans are not here to explore and adventure all alone. Not only is it essential for the continuation of our species, other people are mirrors who constantly reflect back to us parts of ourselves that are hidden or parts that we are aware are there, but sometimes it takes a resounding “Yes!” from another person before we are willing or able to absorb and accept angles of our kaleidoscope inner being.

We are not here to navigate this labyrinth life single-handedly. Other people are essential parts of our experience, and they often shake us up so that we fully awaken to all that we are.

We can write these connections off as just mere coincidences, but their appearances in our lives are synchronicities and serendipities that we will not so easily or quickly forget. They will cause an internal reaction and we will forever be changed, even if it is just so subtly that it seems like the most natural meeting of two minds or hearts—or even both.

Now is the time to let go of the doubts, let go of all the “What ifs,” the “How long will this last” or the “Am I good enoughs.” It is the time to just open arms wide and say, “Yes! Welcome!”—without any fearful shadowy doubts or high expectations.

We are being encouraged to love and accept with enthusiasm—to unlock all the cages that may have caused us to be closed off to these connections in the past.

We miss out on so much because we are either afraid to appear “needy” or “bold,” or we are just too scared to put ourselves out there and offer a hand to others just in case we get rejected. We are now receiving external energies that will help us to connect deeply with others, but with no attachment to the outcome whatsoever. This freedom is what turns all connections from ones that could cause us some level of suffering, to ones of appreciation, bliss and an intensely felt sense of love and joy.

We will start to see other people as butterflies, floating in and out of our lives, offering beauty and tranquility whenever we are blessed with their presence. We do not need to catch and hold onto a butterfly to appreciate it. Nor do we ever need to do this with any person that we have been gifted the honor to get to know.




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Author: Alex Myles

Image: Flickr/Kayla Kandzorra

Editors: Yoli Ramazzina; Renée Picard

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