June 16, 2016

How Does Your Garden Grow?

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Springtime always brings me thoughts of gardens.

I don’t know too many people who don’t love gardens—which makes sense, since I believe that we came from the original garden.

It seems there are a lot of peoples’ love gardens but don’t like gardening. I see this as an interesting metaphor for one of the key struggles in life: desiring something beautiful, but lacking the desire or will to put the thought, time and energy into growing it.

In order to create a magical garden, we require fertilized soil.

What makes the fertilizer? Sh*t.

The sh*t of our experiences coming out of the deep dark places—maybe our lower chakras—is what fertilizes our gardens. Once we have enough mineral-rich soil, we can begin to visualize the kind of garden we truly desire to grow in.

Perhaps you want an organic fruit and vegetable garden? Or maybe a sweet-smelling rose garden?

Even with those decisions, we have more selections to make.

English Beauty Roses or Cabbage Roses? Juicy oranges or sugar snap peas? Once we decide—we must know whether our soil is conducive to the growth of these choices.

Planting a rose garden in clay soil may not produce the healthiest of roses.

Planting potatoes in the sand may yield a sorry tasting bud.

Once we have gotten in alignment with the foundation of our desired garden, then we must be willing to do the tilling of the soil. We start by breaking up the clots of dirt to allow the roots to expand. This is the job most people avoid…but this is a necessary step. Spiritually, I call this shadow work or inner child work. It involves going deep into the lower chakras to the roots and breaking up the heavy, thick beliefs which make up your current garden.

Once we aerate the soil, seeds can be laid.

As with anything in life, there are high quality seeds and ones that are of lower standards. Choose wisely, for what you plant, so ye shall sow (another truthful cliché).

After planting, many people feel their work is done. They’ve sown the seeds, now they desire to sit back and watch their garden grow—only to be discouraged when they see meagre results. Actually, once the seeds are laid, that’s when the co-creation process moves to a new level of awareness. We must then ask such questions as: Do I water the seedlings often? Do I give them love and attention? Do I offer them sunshine and nutrients? Do I carefully remove the ones that may crowd out their growth? Do I pull the weeds often (and by the roots) so they don’t choke the life out of my garden? Do I keep the animals, bugs and scavengers away from my youthful fledglings?

I feel that we can do all the above actions with great energy and awareness and still produce a pitiful garden. How so? It all begins with the attitude one has about their garden to begin with. If we feel that we must plant a garden but it’s hard work and we’d rather be doing something else—how can we truly enjoy the entirety of it?

We all have the opportunity to live and experience the Garden of Eden here on Earth, no matter where we are on the planet and no matter what resources are available to us where we are. We don’t need to move to another country to do this, or wait until we have more money.

We can use the resources where we are at right now.

When I wrote my first book, I had recently gone bankrupt and was homeless as a single of two young girls. I had no money or resources to self-publish or get my book published. However, I had a desire. Spirit did the rest. I was approached by a Barter company to print my book in exchange for my services. My job was to nourish my dream life (garden) with love and attention and joy, to water it daily with positive energy and remove the negative nay-sayers from my life so that the garden would flourish.

That was 20 years ago. Now, I’ve published three books. I travel the world and coach others on practical ways to grow their own Magical Gardens.

I celebrate my Garden of Life and encourage you to experience the same.

I’ve gone from Hell on Earth to Heaven on Earth—and this is possible for anyone.

If someone told me 20 years ago where I’d be now, I couldn’t have fully imagined where I’d be. Start now and allow your imagination to create the most incredible, delicious, fragrant garden possible.

Remember, that this life (garden) is our gift. It only lasts a short while. In other dimensions and lifetime experiences we have other opportunities and gardens. However, for this life..this is the one that your soul has chosen. Listen to your soul desires. Plant only the seeds that are in alignment with that calling. It is then, your garden will flourish.

It is then your garden will blossom with the rich fruits of your love.

Be your own God. Create the Garden of Eden in your own life.

Indeed, we are the creators of our reality.






Author: Vicki Faith Spina

Image: Pixabay 

Editors: Renée Picard; Emily Bartran

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