June 28, 2016

Lady Gaga & Dalai Lama on Meditation, Tragedy & The Meaning of Life.

Lady Gaga Banned in China after Meeting with Dalai Lama.

Lady Gaga may be the most mindful pop star of our time.

We already knew that she is a devoted yogi. Gaga has her own Born This Way Foundation, which supports the wellness of young people. She’s also taken a stand for sexual assault victims, using #StopVictimShaming and encouraged her fans to do the same. 

On Sunday, Lady Gaga met His Holiness the Dalai Lama to discuss meditation, the benefits of compassion and how to navigate the difficulties in life. The conversation, which was broadcast on Facebook Live got over three million views.

Here are some of the Dalai Lama’s most insightful quotes from the 19-minute talk:

On tragedy:

“Once a tragic situation happens, not avoid—look at more deeply, widely. Many positive, happy things are there if you look from a wider perspective.” 

“Hope is essential. It is essential for self-confidence.”

On mental health:

“Your mental attitude is the key. Your mental attitude is sound with self-confidence and foresightedness.”

“The only problem is whether we realize the potential we have in here (pointing at his heart).”

On the meaning of life:

“When you show more of a sense of concern for others’ well-being, then you also get the feeling, ‘I’m useful to others.’ That brings self-confidence and meaning to life.”

About our future:

“The future is on your shoulders, not my shoulders. Future depends on our younger generations. Past, nobody can change. Future, yet to come. So there is possibility to change. The younger generation has to create more healthy environment.”


During the conversation Lady Gaga told the Dalai Lama that “she likes to meditate” and asked about the best meditation techniques. Gaga also shared her view about the issues in today’s world. 

“We have to cool the system down. It’s about less heat, more cooling, more relaxation but also being thoughtful and strategic.”

Now the interview has caused a storm in China, where many consider Dalai Lama as a figurehead for Tibetan separatism. Lady Gaga received thousands of negative comments after posting a picture of herself with the spiritual leader. According to the Guardian Lady Gaga has been added to a list of hostile foreign forces banned by China’s Communist party.  One of them wrote:

“The first song in English that I heard was from her and she was my favorite singer, my goddess. But now it’s like this, so forget her—goodbye, Gaga.” 

Watch the full video here.

Author: Sara Kärpänen  

Image: Instagram

Editor: Nicole Cameron; Ashleigh Hitchcock

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