June 14, 2016

Rigidness is Fragile. {Poem}

Aditya Rakhman/Flickr

I see your winner’s heart, on hold.

Caught in webs of consternation…

feeling tired, achy, bruised, and cold.

And fraught with lacerations.

In answer, a single point of light:

A dare; A call;

Not for comfort, joy or peace,
but for purpose and humility.

To radiate courage and generosity.

And grow akin with that ancient knowledge, deep within.

In different ways, we duck and dive from fear.

But true courage gradually grows,
glowing like hot coals.

Take heart, my dear…

Focus on those dreams and goals
that are irrevocably your own.

Don’t be tempted to face the day with a brittle heart of stone.

Let determination branch out in tenacious tendrils.

With peaceable resilience, you are flexible and nimble.

Loosen those lassos around your heart.

And, speaking of that warm paw in the pit of your chest:

You know, love is gentle,

patient and kind.

But it is also fierce.

It is a refuge

and a battle cry.

Set that fearsome heart on fire.

Open your eyes…
And let your gentleness

and tenderness

rest in an open breast.

For you are brave.

Relax your belly, breathe in deep.

Do not take shelter in loneliness.
Do not fester in weariness.
Do not be placated with mildness.

Be tender, but languish not in feebleness.

May love rise with clout in your heart.

Like an axe and a shield.
Slash through old rot

Forgive what you are not
and forge on.

Forge on.

Forge on.

Unearth your unassailable heart-song!





Author: Catherine Simmons

Image: Aditya Rakhman/Flickr 

Editors: Renée Picard; Caitlin Oriel

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