June 9, 2016

“Students stage braless protest after Kaitlyn Juvik gets sent to principal’s office for not wearing a bra.”

“Are we now allowed to send guys home who don’t pick up their pants? Seeing their underwear is soooooo distracting!”

No Bra, No Problem. 

Ironically, 50 years ago, girls were not allowed to wear bras to school. I think we can all agree that there’s a good middle ground between this sort of uptight, somewhat perverse orthodoxy and being willing to be presentable, without needlessly provoking—for both boys and girls.

Provoking folks, whether we’re a boy or a girl, is one thing. Our right to our body and comfort, within reason, is another thing. Bug off, principal.

“Juvik created a Facebook event and community page titled No Bra No Problem, calling on her peers to stand in solidarity by letting their boobs hang. She describes it as “the movement for gender equality, women’s rights, & being comfortable. Against discrimination in schools, we focus on the right for girls to go braless.” ~ Somee Cards

Winning comment:

A friend’s daughter recently was sent home for this. The principal called him and asked him to pick her up “because it was distracting.” My friend’s response: “Then perhaps you should stop staring at the chests of junior high girls.”

Mindful bonus:

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