June 29, 2016

The Mindful Life Illustrated: Staying Steady through the Uncertainty of Change.

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Over the past year my wife and I have had a number of really big changes come into our lives.

Some are good, some less so. But they keep on coming and spinning our world around.

We are both in a specific time in our lives when years of effort toward our separate career goals are finally coming together and changing the way we live our daily lives.

Through all this I have become more and more aware of the effects of these kinds of changes on my mind, body and spirit.

I seem to shake. Not so much physically, although there is some of that, but most of the shaking feels like it is happening inside of me. My mind shakes and I can’t hold a thought in one place. My soul shakes and I can’t find the balanced emotional plateau I usually live on when things are settled.

I don’t think that this comes out of anxiety, even though I can compare it to feeling anxious. I think it is actually that I am feeling alive and the adrenaline of it fills my whole body.

Change is so good—what is the point of experiencing the same things over and over again until we can’t even remember doing them? When things change, it pulls me back to the here and now as I focus on the new experiences.

But the shaking and the physical manifestation of change is not to be ignored. I use it now to realise that I am transitioning into a new experience of life. The feeling in my stomach is not fear but anticipation at the exciting uncertainty of new experiences.

Through quiet reflection and a mindful awareness of the change,  I have learned to ease into change and enjoy the process of it.

I love this life, with all its change and uncertainty, and want to experience as much of it as I can with the days I have left.



Author & Artist: Mike Medaglia

Editors: Khara-Jade Warren; Catherine Monkman


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