June 13, 2016

The Mindful Life Illustrated: The Only Way to Fight the Fires of Hate.

DO NOT REUSE 30 - Hate to Love

What do we do when tragedy occurs? Tragedy that is the direct result of humans acting out of hate?

For me there is always fear. What’s happened? Who’s done what?

Anxiety. What will be the result of this? The after-shock?

Then Anger. Why? Human beings have so much potential, why do we do these things? What could have prevented this?

But if I can stop and take a breath—come back to myself—I remember that there is only one reaction that has any chance of overcoming all these other churning feelings in the face of such tragedy. That is to love.

The gaping hole left in this world by hateful and violent acts can only be filled by love and calls to love. This is the time when love is most needed and when people are most open to loving acts of kindness.

In times of tragedy we can hold the banner of love highest and pause and look to it to help comfort and calm our grief, and the grief of our fellow human beings. And then we act, let us act out of love.

Only the gentle rain of love can calm the hot fire of hate.


Relephant read:

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Author & artist: Mike Medaglia

Editors: Khara-Jade Warren; Emily Bartran


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