June 17, 2016

Today, I am Alive: An Everyday Manifesto.

Annie Spratt/Unsplash


Today, I am alive.

Today, I choose to believe in myself. To trust the vision of the future I intend to create. To know that I have the internal resources to accomplish my dreams. That in the face of uncertainty and fear, I have only to move forward confidently in the direction of my endeavors and to trust that I can handle whatever comes up along the way.

Today, I face the uncertainty and realize that fear is only an emotion—an emotion that is only one controlled thought away from exhilaration. If I am presented with multiple directions to take, I choose the one that brings the most fear, because the more outside my comfort zone I go, the more I grow.

Today, I choose exhilaration. Today, I wake up with the knowledge that life is finite and that I have no idea where the finish line is. And so, today is beautiful, because time is precious and the only resource that I can’t create more of. I therefore choose to spend it on the people and projects I love, as much as I can. And when faced with unpleasant situations, choose to remember that all is well and that getting through them only adds to my strength and resolve.

Today, I choose not to worry what others may think of me. The opinion of others does not affect the opinion I have of myself. While some may question my choices, they are not intimately aware of what has brought me to this point, where my heart and hopes are for the future, and how today fits into my bigger picture overall. Therefore, any criticism rolls off my back and any praise is met with humble gratitude.

Today, I forgive myself the mistakes I’ve made. Realizing that a mistake is only an opportunity to become aware of a gap in knowledge, and learn for the future. I don’t need to pretend to be perfect and it’s okay to not have all the answers.

Today, I choose to approach life and others with open-mindedness, curiosity and appreciation. I have but one perspective on the world, so the more I learn about others and their journeys, the more I can expand my own viewpoints and horizon; thereby increasing my understanding, compassion and wonder. Today, I appreciate that we all have our own paths and judgement will only limit my own.

Today, I give myself permission to follow my own pace. If I need to rest, I do so—without playing the tape of should-dos and have-tos. If I have the energy, I use it to move things forward. If I feel social, I connect. If I need time to contemplate, I find solitude. There are constraints of chosen responsibilities, but I stay as true to my natural rhythm as I can.

Today, I choose to be authentic. I choose to be happy. I choose to love. To play. To dance. To run. To be afraid. To trust. To cry. To change. To follow my heart, and break it. To challenge myself, and to be easy on myself. To use my talents and chase my passions. To travel. To learn. To grow. To laugh. Out loud. A lot. To not take myself or life so seriously, for death is the great equalizer. Today I live.

Today, I am alive.


Author: Jennifer Sabetti

Image: Annie Spratt/Unsplash

Editors: Emily Bartran; Ashleigh Hitchcock


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