June 9, 2016

We posted this sexy image of this empowered woman for this article on one blog, & this sexy empowered man on another blog. What happened?

Hate (vs. Elephant, for posting the Sexy Woman image). Catcalls, from women, when Elephant posted a Sexy Man image.

My thoughts with our dear Elephant Readers, who were violently angry and threatening to leave elephant forever: 

Wow—just saw these comments about the above image. I shared that image on one blog, and on another shared a shirtless young Justin Trudeau. [Lots of criticism and we’re leaving you elephant and cries of objectification or sexualization on the above image, and] lots of catcalls and appreciation, and noooo criticism, strangely [on the sexy man].

I have zero problem with an empowered kickass woman entrepreneur (that’s Giselle, above) who’s in great shape (not unhealthy thin) or a man, in the same pose.

Obviously it can be argued that given the cultural and gender history, there’s no comparison. I like to keep it simple. I appreciated this photo, as well as the one of Trudeau. Instead of the evident tenor of the anger in many of these comments, we can disagree agreeably, be constructive, and listen and learn to both sides.

Whether you hated the image or no, thank you to those constructively critical, supportive or moderate or funny comments, including

Tracey: “I like how many people missed the point of the article and went straight to being offended by a lady in her underwear. As a feminist, I’m embarrassed. Feminists are supposed to stand together; the female form is not offensive — no matter what her size happens to be. If it were a picture of a larger female, more feminists would be here defending her right to be half-naked and would be saying how beautiful she is. This woman is beautiful; a larger woman would also be beautiful. If you’re offended by a woman’s form, the problem may lie within you.”

But in any case, thank you all for caring.

Here’s the image in question (click for the blog it was posted on top of):

sexy woman elephant




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