July 1, 2016

5 Ways Riding a Bike is a Sexy Experience. {Adultish}

Jandro Martinez https://unsplash.com/photos/Cs4T2qo2dDA

Sexy disclaimer: Spicy content ahead!

Being sexy is not so much about how we look or what outfit we choose to wear—it is mostly about how we are feeling on the inside.

When we feel all revved up, possibly sweaty and a little hard, this is when we know we are having a sexy experience. And that’s exactly how bike riding can make us feel.

For three years, I had a bike instead of a car. And there is something that I discovered in this time that I had no idea of before—riding something (besides my partner) was exhilarating and fun! Biking comes with it’s own certain, special benefits.

Building hard muscles.

Yup, it does this. After only a couple of months our thighs are tight, our arms are pumped, and our pecks are definitely firmer. We feel spicier on the inside too. In fact, I am certain for the first year of biking we will go around flexing our arms for any loved ones who will humor us with their attention (oh wait, that was me). I do have to say too, that tight thighs are a snappy addition to the bedroom. There are certain things we can do with muscular quads…luckily if we ride, we have the chance to find this out!

Getting our hearts revved.

There are not many things that get us more excited than when our hearts are pumping wildly, and we are slightly out of breath. It reminds us of—well, you know. And it gets our body in that mood too. A little uphill action on the ol’ bicycle and well, we got this one…

We arrive to work—heart racing and cheeks flushed—and damn, I have to say, we feel pretty sultry. I also need to note that I received comments after my rides as to how I was glowing. Just like after…that other thing.

Arousing the senses.

Getting outside everyday and feeling what is happening around us wakes our bodies up. When we are riding there is a lot going on. We have the wind on our skin, the sun in our eyes, and we can feel the temperature of the day-–-we are experiencing a heightened awareness of life, plus there is something to be said for having a firm object between our legs everyday. Why not fully enjoy it and truly appreciate our good, hard seat.

Something to be pumped about.

There is nothing sexier then someone who is really passionate about what they do. When we are biking everyday, we have a subject and activity that is a great conversation starter. It is something we become a little of an expert on and a subject that many possible mates will want to talk about and will be thoroughly impressed when we know the gears. Most importantly, when we feel confident and proud of our mode of transport, we directly raise our arousal meter.

Done alone or with others.

Like other sexy experiences, bike riding can be a solo venture or a group activity. We probably love getting on our bike, heading out for a quicky with a certain, final goal in mind. It always takes us to our destination, the climb sometimes being shorter or longer; but we can also do it with others. These rides with company are more to enjoy the journey, one where we are often uncertain as to where our final destination will take us or if we will get there together at all.

After three years of using my bicycle everyday as my main transport, I had to get creative with how I saw it in order to keep me interested. Discovering that it could be a sexy experience, did this for me.

To be honest, I kind of want to go hop on it right now, just for a little lunchtime, mmm… ride.


Author: Sarah Norrad

Images: Jandro Martinez/ Unsplash

Editors: Sara Kärpänen; Yoli Ramazzina

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