July 5, 2016

Birth as a Vehicle for Opening Gateways into a more Loving Human Existence.

Birth a sacred right

Have you ever heard the idea that birth for a mother and baby, can be a spiritual emergence rather than a medical emergency?

Do we as a society ever contemplate that the process of birth for both mother and baby can be a place of potency and a possibility that might legitimately restore peace and justice for all of humankind?

I do.

And I have an insatiable hunger, a burning desire to share this notion with the world, and awaken people to the knowledge that the way we gestate and are born, and the way a woman births, allows us to sip from the most wonderful love potion.

When embodied, birth is a sensual and spiritual experience that can positively change the world. In order for this evolution, we must look closely at maternal care. We have to consider how we view the mother in a medical system that often does not open its borders to other possibilities that acknowledge that birth is a sacred event, impregnating every woman’s and baby’s life?

I study spirituality and how Spirit moves through us and connects us to the divine and the source. My intuition tells me that there is a missing link. Having spent the past 20 years as a birth activist and educator, illuminating the connection between spirituality and birth, I know that we must provide a sharing platform for spoken truthful dialogue around birth—one that is bravely voices the feminine heart in her own conviction and vocabulary.

My goal is to honor the truth of woman’s wisdom—to sow a courageous field of health, harmony and reverence where loving awareness bathes the human condition.

If we don’t pursue an enlightened pathway to conscious birth, humanity will surely remain oppressed and incapable of achieving its true spiritual capacity.

We need to take a long, hard look at our birth culture.

I came to this realization through my own boldness in birth. In 1996 I embodied the birth of my first son, as nature intended and again with the home-birth of my second son in 1999. I was transformed after both births—being given insights into the incredible potential we have in society and the world at large, to harness the energetic resonance of birth.

It will come once we can begin to respect and honor a woman’s calling to give birth the way she feels is best for her and her baby.

This epiphany has had a profound lifelong impact on me.

It seems so simple—give women a platform for body autonomy and decision making and provide a loving, compassionate environment where the mother and baby are at the center and all will unfold from here.

Birth on a global scale is not like this.

I felt sad and frustrated because I know there was so much more.

After the birth of my third child at home at age 46, in 2008, I experienced another gracious gift which solidified my belief that we can achieve spiritual ascension through the way we give birth.

Now I work in The Mother’s Centre, where mothers, babies and families can appreciate the way a mother experiences her pregnancy and birth. If she views her birth experience as an spiritual awakening into the deepest part of her femininity, we can collectively create a legacy, a map for humanity. This map would serve as a compass of inquiry, directing every person to find their meaningful contribution toward the evolution of consciousness, whether big or small.

This inquiry can beautifully blossom from each birth experience, and it sets the scene for positive change, providing real answers to many of our spiritual ailments.

How could this be you may ask?

A mother’s internal experience of pregnancy and birth gets imprinted within her psyche. In turn, by way of delicate neurobiological patterns and circuitry, a mother’s experience also affects her baby’s brain development in utero. What she does, sees, hears, speaks and internalizes from her external environment, impacts her baby’s wiring and how she personally views her baby—hence the world around her. Issues of safety, trust, relaxation, security and energetic societal influences all play a role and then this gets mirrored by her offspring.

The baby’s experience of gestation and birth, held within the physical and energetic womb of its mother, can shape its own lifelong view of how love looks and feels. It is a fascinating symbiotic relationship which at its roots, acknowledges that every human being’s spiritual rite is to be born in to the arms of love.

I believe the noble qualities inherent within birth have been given to us by design and for a purpose.

It doesn’t matter one’s religious or spiritual beliefs as this purpose runs through the veins of every living being. In order that we can give birth a real chance, women must unlock themselves from society’s limitations that dictate the idea that birth can only happen in a particular kind of construct.

We must be able to birth in a womb with a view, that is created of our own feathering and nesting, in the design that delights our hearts. Society must unapologetically understand that the way a woman births is not the same for each of us and each woman needs to be seen and heard in her intact integrity and autonomy. A mother is not a commodity to be birthed, rather she is an active, living, breathing, pulsating human being with a mind of her own that is capable of making decisions about where she feels safest giving birth and with whom.

The way we treat mothers and babies must exude loving kindness as we place birth on life’s spiritual throne. This will open gateways into a spirituality that will manifest a loving human existence, whether birthed like the giant roar of a lion or the tender touch of silk. In this place we can open love’s wings and soar with the spiritual potentiality of birth to truly elevate planetary consciousness.

Love all.

This is the lore of Love


Author: Maha Al Musa

Images: courtesy of the author

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock; Sara Kärpänen

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