July 8, 2016

Grit. {Poem}

woman strong arm bicep

The word is sand between my teeth.
Desert treks, rocks in my shoes.
The dentist.
An aching in the back of my head painkillers won’t touch.
A wound in my heart.
These things, and tackling them.
Bearing through sadness, distress, pain.
The last ten kilometres of a marathon,
in reality, or in those tricky navigations of life and love.
We rise above, with grit.
But first,
we get dirty, knees bloodied, embracing the challenge over and over again.
Today I tackle whatever comes with an open heart, and with the deep strength of grit.
Rocks in my shoes, I continue.


Author: Keeley Milne

Image: Boemski/Flickr

Editors: Emily Bartran; Caitlin Oriel


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