July 23, 2016

I Believe: A Love Note to the Universe.

Austin Ban/Unsplash

I believe in magic.

Yes, really. The kind in you. The kind in me. The kind in us.

I believe in possibilities. The kind in you. The kind in me. The kind in us.

I believe when we work into and through our core we are both magic, and full of possibility.

We become the people we choose. 

But we must choose—and choose with conviction. To know your choice is to know your core. To know your core is to know yourself.

Who are you? 

You cannot be magic when you are not authentic.

Possibility does not reside in pretense.

Trust and faith and certainty are the byproducts of truth.

Fear and shame and masquerading are the result of fabrication.

Who are you? 

Once you know, you cannot un-know. It is your wisdom, your choice, and your turn to ask—and so what do you want to do?

Your magic, your possibility, your present is now yours to create. You choose it.

Me? I am a dreamer. A creative. A connector. A doer.

I choose to do.

I want to build things with my hands, and make things with my mind, and use my words to share them with you.

I want to make a plan and see it executed while I start another one. I want to lay the bricks of a foundation and sun myself on the rooftop and let the whole world join us.

I want to dream it, and I want to do it.

I want to stand with my head in the clouds, my eyes on the horizon, my heart in one hand, your palm in the other. And all the while with my feet standing in the footprints I created.

This is me. This is my magic. This is my possibility. This is my choice.

You are magic.

You are possible.

You can do. 

Choose it. Choose you.


Author: Michelle Sweezey

Image: Austin Ban/Unsplash

Editor: Emily Bartran

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