July 7, 2016

Our Love is Not a Fragile Thing.

Sometimes when we are lying in bed, I look down at your shoulder blades. I follow their soft slope down your arms to find your delicate hand locked into mine.

There is both a softness and a strength behind the shapes of your body.

The rounded lines almost tell lies, but I know the endurance they have faced. I know the weight they have lifted—the hardships can’t be seen on the canvas of your skin, but I know they are there, just an inch below.

We can’t describe our lives as anything less than blessed. We’ve had our share of turmoil, but we have always persevered. There was the fight that nearly tore us apart because you needed more, and I was too stubborn to see it, and the days we were under financial strain and ate nothing but ramen noodles. The clashing of my introvert and your extrovert self has left us at an impasse on how to spend our Saturday nights, but it’s nothing we can’t overcome.

We have even fought against those who said we shouldn’t be together. Even our closest friends had their doubts. But we’ve proven, time and time again, that we are an oddly perfect fit. We have even dealt with the challenge of distance. Those long nights where I wanted so badly to be by your side—missing you was so bitter-sweet.

We have both said things we regret—lashing out at one another for no apparent reason. We haven’t listened enough, or didn’t speak up when we should have. Some days we’ve been downright cruel to one another. But we have forgiven.

We’ve talked it through, and we’ve become stronger. More us than ever before.

I hope we never stop finding obstacles in our path.

I hope our days are filled with new ways to help us grow.

Our relationship is made up of highs and lows, and one cannot exist without the other. Our darkest moments are worth it—even for only a sliver of the good times we will share.

When I look down at your body, I can see the invisible battle scars of our relationship. Each one tells a different story of how we came to be. Each little nick and scrape has shaped us and helped us to understand one another better than anyone else ever has. We will continue to be warriors together. Waging battles against the world…and ourselves. Although you cannot see our scars, we wear them like badges of honor.

We have lasted this long for a reason.

We only become stronger and more steadfast in our love…because our love is not a fragile thing.



Author: Jordan Gray

Image: Bart Callebert, Flickr

Editors: Travis May; Yoli Ramazzina; Apprentice Editor: Tammy Novak


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